Dr Evy Sakellariou


I am Associate Professor (Reader) of Creativity & Innovation, PG Course Director and Training Co-ordinator of the Foresight and Creativity Research Hub. I joined KBS in 2018. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Institute of Innovation and knowledge Exchange, the UK professional body for innovators. My teaching experience involves the design and critical evaluation of research informed courses and PG/UG modules and the development and leadership of innovative pedagogical approaches that embed employability and inclusivity into the curriculum.

My research focuses on creativity and its relations with innovation management and foresight and most recently with Gen AI. Previously, I was invited by the University of Glasgow to co-lead a series of Workshops in the Darwin project that was sponsored by Telefonica and European and the British Space Agency. The focus of this project was the Regional Innovation System established in Scotland's Highlands and Islands region, seeking to explore the potential for public value creation through emerging technologies, such as Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) and ubiquitous connectivity.

Prior to my academic roles, I held leadership positions at Unilever UK, Greece and Cyprus as a Subsidiary's Leadership member and Innovation/Marketing Manager in different Business Units and I have been awarded with the Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I am an active member of the Innovation Interest Group of the British Academy of Management, the Scientific Committee of the Symposium of Underground Creativity & Innovation, and the Scientific Committee for the Innovation and Product Management Development Conference (IPDMC), which is hosted by the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management, in Brussels.

Academic responsibilities

Associate Professor of Creativity and Innovation, PG Course Director


  • Doctorate in Business Administration, School of Management, University of Surrey UK (Unilever funded studentship)
  • MBA, School of Business, Loyola University of Chicago USA (Honors Degree) (Module student scholarship)
  • BBA, School of Business Administration, University of Pireaus Greece (Class Valedictorian)
  • Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy (2021); Fellow Higher Education Academy (2018)
  • Fellow Institute of Innovation and knowledge Exchange (2022), the UK professional body for innovators
  • Certified Management and Business Educator (2022)
  • Fellow Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française C1 Sorbonne

Teaching and learning

My focus in T&L lies on the student relationship. I am a strong advocate of Comer's (1995) theory that suggests there is no significant learning without a significant relationship that flourishes in a supportive context and within a collaborative culture. Such a culture however is not universally experienced. Supportive teaching and learning are deemed to be inclusive-thus student-centered- so that pedagogy, curriculum and assessments are delivered to engage students into meaningful and accessible learning (Hocking, 2010). Co-created curriculum content, assessments and integrated study skills that are relevant to students' diverse backgrounds and experiences enhance the sense of belonginess which is an important manifestation of the student engagement (Crosling et al., 2009). Such curricula are developed through a strategic approach and innovation in practice (McDuff et al., 2020).

These literature streams have underpinned and shaped the development of my 3D strategy for leading pedagogy and curriculum at the PG Course level and the Group Contract innovative pedagogical approach that embraced diversity in T&L and assessment and enabled students  to "see" themselves, their backgrounds and their aspirations into the curriculum. The mega trends affecting HE and the labour market require the integration of employability skills into the learning process that support the careers of the graduates (Brown, 2014;Lines, 2011). To meet this call by the pedagogical researchers, I have designed and implemented a dynamic interplay between student relationship, engagement, inclusivity and employability in my teaching. By embedding into the curriculum carefully designed skill development workshops with practice-based experiences and by linking those with systematic reflection, the content has become more relevant, meaningful. The results were significant: student engagement and sense of belonging have been one of the strongest within the PG SMI Courses. and the student feedback has been excellent (MEQs): "Lecturers: are very helpful, flexible, kind, full of knowledge, great teaching skills with interactive teaching; Course content and its presentation are great;The modules are very useful and related to the course; Great course, that helps to promote students' leadership and entrepreneurship abilities"

Modules taught:

BS 7603 Entrepreneurship and Growth of Innovative Businesses

BS 6205 International Entrepreneurship in SMEs

BS 4203 Innovation Management

BS 7610 Research Project and Research Proposal (Dissertation)

BQ 7804 Advance Qualitative Research (visiting)

Qualifications and expertise

  • Senior Fellowship Higher Education Academy
  • Nominated for T&L Impact Award 2020
  • Runner up Lecturer of the Year 2019

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


I have initiated and led numerous international research projects with top researchers in their fields and I led (and co-led) the authorship of numerous research/practice based outputs in the fields of creativity and innovation management. My leadership on the video based ethnographic narratives for user foresights project, for example, has achieved a wider impact in a) informing international debate in the areas of market research, foresight and user innovation b) supporting PhD development and examination; d) increasing awareness in the KBS academic community and beyond by receiving funding for open access; e) enhancing international research debate & resulting in two publications (TFS ABS 3* 5,846 impact factor, the top journal in innovation studies, 17th among all business journals).

My co-leadership of the international research project on the under-explored topic of underground creativity and innovation has resulted in a) a publication at a World Elite journal (OS ABS 4*, 5,000 impact factor, 50 Top Research Journals Financial Times list) and, b) a strong international network of award winning and thought provoking creativity scholars and researchers, c) enhancing the Kingston Business School reputation beyond borders and I organized the first ever international Symposium of Underground Creativity & Innovation with award winning scholars and thought-provoking researchers.

PhD registered supervisor/PhD examiner

PhD viva Internal Examiner: Mr. Juan Soon

PhD viva Internal Examiner: Ms. Barbara Jensen

Lead developer and author of a novel video-based ethnographic research method 

PhD topics 

  • The influencing factors of individual creativity in entrepreneurial innovation
  • Underground (hidden) creativity and organizational paradoxes
  • Storytelling and future-oriented sensemaking for the early start of innovation
  • Playfulness and Artificial Intelligence for future-oriented innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence and user foresights for breakthrough innovations
  • The role of the Metaverse in the early start of innovation
  • The interrelationship of strategic foresight and creativity for innovation management

Qualifications and expertise

  • Organizer of the 1st International Symposium Underground Organizational Creativity & Innovation with award winning scholars and thought provoking researchers
  • REF 21 & REF 27 Internal Review Panel member
  • Kingston University Covid-19 Think Tank member
  • Field Expert: UK Parliament Covid-19
  • Funding Award: Publication Golden Open Access TFS Journal

Areas of specialism

  • Foresight for Creativity & Innovation Management
  • Front End of NPD
  • Underground (hidden, deviant) Creativity and Innovation
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Scholarly affiliations

  • University of Surrey UK
  • Loyola University of Chicago USA
  • British Academy of Management
  • Academy of Management, New York
  • European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management, Brussels

Research student supervision


Number of items: 31.


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Sakellariou, Evdokia, Karantinou, Kalipso and Goffin, Keith (2020) From 'user insights' to 'user foresights' : applying video-based ethnographic narratives and user innovation in NPD. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 153, p. 119873. ISSN (print) 0040-1625

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Book Section

Vallée-Tourangeau, Gaëlle, Sakellariou, Evy and Szigetvári, Fanni (2023) Individual innovation and creativity : an interdisciplinary mapping of creative cognition. In: Ball, Linden and Vallée-Tourangeau, Frédéric, (eds.) Handbook of Creative Cognition. Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge. (In Press)

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Conference or Workshop Item

Sakellariou, Evy (2023) Creativity and the art of disguise : switching between formal and informal channels in the evolution of creative projects in large organizations. In: Creativity, wellbeing & society : a multidisciplinary symposium; 23 Jun 2023, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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Papastamatiou, Giorgos, Karantinou, Kalypso, Sakellariou, Evy, Gkaintatzis, Athanasios and Trompeta, Maria (2023) A systematic literature review of three decades of research on the front end of NPD. In: 30th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference; 07-09 Jun 2023, Lecco, Italy. (Unpublished)

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Sakellariou, Evy and Mainemelis, Charalampos (2022) Creativity and the arts of disguise : Switching between formal and informal channels in the evolution of creative projects. Publication challenges and responses. In: 2nd Symposium on Underground Creativity & Innovation; 21 Apr 2022, Held online. (Unpublished)

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Business, knowledge transfer and international

I have developed business partnerships through my strong business network to inform two novel pedagogical interventions for bridging theory with practice in the curricula.  The first was the "Experiential reflective visits" scheme that involved live learning experiences that involved reflection log in real time and in class; these activities were in collaboration with the MSc IME Course's new business partners Unilever, GSK and Mayor's of London enterprise team. The second was the "Business Mentors" Program in collaboration with the Young Enterprise South London. In the past two years, these interventions have improved student metacognitive understanding of employability requirements: "Throughout our MSc IME journey, we had multiple opportunities to study…what type of innovation management method they apply to achieve their company objectives…. This discovery was not limited within the classroom setting, but we had a once in a life-time opportunity to visit GlaxoSmithKline, a highly innovative, reputable pharmaceutical company. This was truly an incredible experience, as even entering the doors of GSK filled us with hope and accomplishment…" (Course Rep. testimonial). 

Qualifications and PROFESSIONAL expertise

  • Innovation Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management
  • People Management
  • Management of Profit & Loss Statements

Industry links

  • Unilever
  • Glaxo SmithKline
  • Level 39
  • Stirixis Group International Consultancy
  • Dixons
  • Young Enterprise South London
  • Hellenic Association of Management
  • Chiltern American Women Association
  • Mayor's of London Enterprise Competition Team
  • Metallaxis global foresight virtual platform

Leadership and management

In my role as a PG Course Director I have developed and implemented a 3D strategy that has integrated and embedded inclusivity, employability and engagement in a holistic manner in the course curriculum. Beyond the direct outcomes, wide ranging impacts have achieved from my leadership of this strategy: a) increasing awareness of best practices within the FBSS community; b) informing PhD research recruitment for KBS; c) influencing PG and UG curricula developments and employability practices at the KBS level.

I have created a staff community that champions the Group Contract a pedagogical innovation that I have designed and which involves a novel approach for the development of group work skills during assessments. The Group Contract pedagogical approach addresses the systemic problems associated with group learning work in formative and summative assessments in HE and provides a living tool of a written agreement among group members to take equal opportunities for ownership and accountability. My leadership in this area has had a wide impact including: a) developing novel resources to enhance professional practice for group assessments at KBS and the School of Arts-these resources have been made available in virtual collaborative spaces in T&L and Employability spaces; b) raising awareness of the new learning and pedagogical practice within the KU academic community. This case was shortlisted among 70 other submissions at the KU Virtual Festival of Learning 2020 where I introduced the approach to a wider audience and was invited for presentation at the 1st KU Employability Summit in 2021; c) supporting colleagues before-during and post implementation and eliciting  their insights into ways to continually develop, refine and customise this educational product.

I have developed and led the deployment of an innovative pedagogical method, the Storytelling Workshop for enhancing critical thinking skills in MSc IME and UG curricula. This novel method addresses the enduring issue of students' low interest in the learning of critical thinking which in turns impacts negatively the improvement of the students' academic and employability skills. The main benefits that arose from this case study were:a) stimulating debate in the KU academic community. I have shared this approach in UG Course meetings and in the KU critical thinking community.  The innovative storytelling workshops for critical thinking skills in the curricula in face to face and virtual classes have been observed by KU colleagues who shared ideas how to adopt this method in their own teaching and underlined the value of the co-creation in storytelling and its impact in student engagement; b) increasing awareness in the KU academic community  at the KU Festival of Learning; c) informing pedagogical innovation at the KU level. The insights drawn from the MSc IME qualitative focus group have informed the development of a new Critical Thinking tool namely the Critically Connect which enables students to use critical thinking as a catalyst to develop skills in professional contexts (Wason, Nov. 2020).

University responsibilities

  • PG Course Programme Leadership: design, planning, management and review
  • Foresight & Creativity Research Hub Training Co-Ordinator: mentoring, building up of new competencies and skills, and dissemination of new knowledge
  • PG and UG Module Leadership: design, delivery and review

Videos of my work

Social media

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