Academic staff in the Kingston Business School

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Director of Postgraduate Research

Giampiero Favato

Professor Giampiero Favato

I began my career in the pharmaceutical industry, working my way up through the corporate finance, economics and business ...

Associate Professor

Stephen Gourlay

Dr Stephen Gourlay

I have worked full-time at Kingston Business School since 1990, and I have been teaching there for 31 years at undergraduate ...


Fatima Annan-Diab

Professor Fatima Annan-Diab

I am a Professor of International Business and Corporate Sustainability at Kingston University. My research areas of expertise are ...

Bahare Afrahi

Dr Bahare Afrahi

Course Director Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Programme Director Help to Grow Management

George Alexandrou

Dr George Alexandrou

Associate professor

Barry Avery

Dr Barry Avery

School Director Learning & Teaching

Marvyn Boatswain

Dr Marvyn Boatswain

School Head of Department Strategy, Marketing and Innovation

Derek Bruce

Mr Derek Bruce

Associate Professor, Postgraduate Course Director (Real Estate)

Christina Butler

Dr Christina Butler

Associate professor

Rahul Chawdhary

Dr Rahul Chawdhary

Senior Lecturer in Marketing Strategy

Elizabeth Chell

Professor Elizabeth Chell

Professor of Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Juliet Cottingham

Dr Juliet Cottingham

Associate Professor; Course director BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance with Business Experience

Francesca Dall'Olmo Riley

Professor Francesca Dall'Olmo Riley

Professor of Brand Management

Kate Davis

Dr Kate Davis

Associate Professor

Mahmoud Elmarzouky

Dr Mahmoud Elmarzouky

Senior lecturer of Accounting and Finance

Professor Fragkiskos Filippaios

Visiting Professor of International Business

Fiona Firth

Mrs Fiona Firth

Hourly Paid Lecturer

Gabriele Galassi

Mr Gabriele Galassi

Associate Lecturer

Audley Genus

Professor Audley Genus

Associate Dean (Enterprise and Innovation), Director of Small Business Research Centre and Kingston Living Lab

George Giannopoulos

Dr George Giannopoulos

Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Niki Giatras

Lecturer in Occupational Psychology

Ms Reica Gray

Business Academic Skills coordinator

Tim Harries

Dr Tim Harries

Visiting Researcher

Patricia Harris

Dr Patricia Harris

Associate Professor

Lisa Henderson

Lisa Henderson

Senior Lecturer

Alex Hill

Professor Alex Hill

Professor of Operations Management

Salma Ibrahim

Professor Salma Ibrahim

Professor and Departmental Research Director

Anna Ivanova

Ms Anna Ivanova

Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy

Professor Stavros Kalafatis

Professor of Business Marketing

Dr Ehsan Khansalar

Senior Lecturer and Course Director

Rita Kottasz

Dr Rita Kottasz

Associate Professor of Marketing

Selin Kudret

Dr Selin Kudret

Senior Lecturer / Assistant Professor

Smirti Kutaula

Dr Smirti Kutaula

Associate Professor in Human Resource Management and Year 5 Leader, BSc Business Management

Rebecca Lees

Dr Rebecca Lees

Head, Department of Accounting, Finance and Informatics

Heike Luecke

Dr Heike Luecke

Law Lecturer, Solicitor

Liz Machtynger

Mrs Liz Machtynger

Senior Lecturer Strategy & International Business

Farooq Mahmood

Dr Farooq Mahmood

Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Andrea Marcellusi

Dr Andrea Marcellusi

Senior Lecturer in Health Economics

Peter Martins da Silva

Mr Peter Martins da Silva

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Hamed Mehrabi

Dr Hamed Mehrabi

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Mohamed Nurullah

Associate Professor

Sarah Otner

Dr Sarah Otner

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Organisational Behaviour

Pauline Parker

Dr Pauline Parker

Associate Professor - Director of MBA and Executive Education Portfolio

Ceyda Paydas Turan

Dr Ceyda Paydas Turan

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Ana Maria Pedraz Marcos

Dr Ana Maria Pedraz Marcos

Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Course Director

Ana Pedro (Chadburn)

Ms Ana Pedro (Chadburn)

Director of UG Real Estate & Apprenticeship Programme & Senior Lecturer

John Sebastian Pereira

Dr John Sebastian Pereira

Associate Professor, Course Director for BBA, Liaison Officer for SVKM-IIS and ISBF (India)

Jelena Petrovic

Dr Jelena Petrovic

Associate Professor of Strategic Leadership and Governance

Yannis Pierrakis

Dr Yannis Pierrakis

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Dr Shalini Ramlall

Senior Lecturer in Interactive Marketing

Daniel Russell

Dr Daniel Russell

Associate Professor

Evy Sakellariou

Dr Evy Sakellariou

Associate Professor Course Director Msc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Dr Selwyn Seymour

Visiting Lecturer

Raida Shakiry

Raida Shakiry

Part-time Lecturer

Janja Song

Ms Janja Song

Programme Director MA Creative Economy; Lecturer in Creative Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Personal Tutor

Dr Yuliana Topazly

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Muhammad Arslan Usman

Dr Muhammad Arslan Usman

System Architect (KTP Associate)

Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau

Professor Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau

Professor of Behavioural Science and Director of Research and Enterprise

Graham Walker

Mr Graham Walker

Senior lecturer, Course director MSc Leadership and Management in Health

Dr Jean Qi Wei

Senior Lecturer in HRM

Ana Wheelock

Dr Ana Wheelock

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Hans-Joachim Wolfram

Dr Hans-Joachim Wolfram

Associate Professor in Work Psychology

Ara Yeghiazarian

Mr Ara Yeghiazarian

Honorary Appointment

Jinsha Zhao

Dr Jinsha Zhao

Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

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