Dr Jia Miao


I joined Kingston University in 2011 and am currently a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance in Kingston Business School. Prior to that I was a Senior Lecturer in Finance and Financial Economics in Coventry Business School. I received my PhD in Finance from Liverpool John Moores University in the area of Portfolio Management and Applied Investment Analysis. I then worked as a Postal Doctoral Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.

I have several papers published in academic refereed journals. My main research interests are in the areas of Portfolio Management, Applied Investment Analysis and International Finance.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer


  • PhD in Accounting and Finance

Teaching and learning

Course Directors for the following PG programs:

MSc Banking and Finance

MSc Financial and Business Management

MSc Finance

MSc Investment and Financial Risk Management

Teaching modules in Financial Management, Risk Financing and Fixed Income Analysis

Postgraduate courses taught


Areas of specialism

  • Portfolio Management
  • Applied Investment Analysis
  • Applied Financial Economics


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