Dr Yannis Pierrakis


I teach Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation Management and my research interests include Venture Capital, Business Angels, Startup creation, Crowdfunding and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).  Before joining Kingston, I worked as an Innovation Consultant for The World Bank, Finance and Private Sector Development Department in Europe and Central Asia and as a Senior Expert for multimillion EU Pre-Accession Assistance projects. I was previously Head of Investments Research at NESTA, the UK Innovation Agency (London, UK), and before that, I worked at Intrasoft International (Luxembourg) and in Cardiff Business School. I received my PhD from Cardiff University in 2012. My thesis examined the role of different types of venture capital, public and private, in fostering innovation at the regional level. 

I currently serve as associate editor for the Strategic Change journal. 

Invited expert positions

  • International Expert Advisory to the Development of the ICT Sector Strategy for Palestine, funded by GIZ, 2022
  • Corporate Finance Expert Advisory to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Equity Crowdfunding Project in Jordan, 2021
  • Member of the Advisory Group for the UK Prosperity Index, Centre for UK Prosperity, Legatum Institute, United Kingdom, 2021
  • High Level Evaluator of the Pan European Fund of Funds Venture Capital  program (£300m), European Commission  (DG Research & Innovation) and European Investment Fund, Brussels, 2017
  • Academic Expert in Evaluation of the Horizon 2020 SME instrument, workshop organised by the in the European Court of Auditors, Brussels 2018
  • Invited Expert in the study on "Planning the future of Entrepreneurship and business support. A study to inform the Welsh Government's future direction of the support provided to aspiring entrepreneurs and established SME's, Welsh Government, 2018
  • Invited Expert - Publicly Guaranteed Debt to VC Funds, workshop organised by the European Commission (Economic & Financial Affairs), Brussels - 13 July 2017

Academic responsibilities

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


  • 2017 - Higher Education Academy Fellow
  • 2012 - PhD in Investments and Innovation, Cardiff University, UK
  • 2002 - MSc in European Regional Development, Cardiff University, UK
  • 2000 - BSc in International and European Studies, Panteion University of Athens, Greece

Teaching and learning

BS7601 - Innovation Management and Entrepreneurial Finance

BS7033 - Innovation Management

BS7567 - Innovation Finance

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


PhD supervision

  • Yohanna Babangida,  "Cross-regional Venture Capital Investments", 2015 - 2020

Research student supervision


Number of items: 34.


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Book Section

Pierrakis, Yannis (2015) Public policies and public programs with a regional impact in promoting entrepreneurship: the case study of government backed venture capital schemes in the UK. In: Carvalho, Luisa, (ed.) Handbook of research on entrepreneurial success and its impact on regional development. Hershey, U.S. : IGI Global. pp. 122-150. ISBN 9781466695672

Conference or Workshop Item

Bhimireddy, Nishanth Sai Reddy, Pierrakis, Y. and Vecchiato, R. (2023) ICOs : how to measure success of an ICO. In: Economics of Financial Technology Conference 2023; 21-23 Jun 2023, Edinburgh, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Bhimireddy, Nishanth, Pierrakis, Yannis and Vecchiato, Riccardo (2022) Can Twitter sentiments predict success of initial coin offerings? In: Paper development workshop (PDW) for PhD students and early career researchers; 25 Nov 2022, Held online. (Unpublished)

Bhimireddy, Nishanth and Pierrakis, Yannis (2021) Social media sentiment analysis and initial coin offerings (ICOs). In: Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Conference : SME finance for building back better; 01-02 June 2021, Held online. (Unpublished)

Babangida, Yohanna and Pierrakis, Ioannis (2019) The cross-regional flow of venture capital investments in the United Kingdom. In: 10th Annual Faculty Research Conference: Contemporary Issues in Business and Social Sciences in a period of uncertainty; 03 - 04 Jun 2019, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Yohanna, Babangida and Pierrakis, Ioannis (2018) The geography of foreign venture capital investments (FVCI) in UK regions. In: 9th Annual Faculty of Business Research Conference: Contemporary Issues in Business; 04 Jun 2018, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Pierrakis, Ioannis (2017) Do Business Accelerators invest in ‘lemons’? A comparison of the founders’ characteristics of Business Accelerator and Business Angels backed companies. In: 40th Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Annual Conference: 'Borders', prosperity and entrepreneurial responses; 8-9 Nov 2017, Belfast, U.K..

Pierrakis, Yannis and Saridakis, George (2016) Do publicly backed venture capital investments promote innovation? Differences between privately and publicly backed funds in the UK Venture Capital Market. In: 39th Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Annual Conference: Institutional Voids, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development; 27-28 Oct 2016, Paris, France.

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Pierrakis, Ioannis (2012) Investments and innovation: regional venture capital activity, business innovation and an ecology of interactions. (PhD thesis), Cardiff University, .

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Business, knowledge transfer and international


  • Supporting Business Innovation Centres and Business Incubators  in Morocco, Caribbean, Kenya, Ethiopia, 2015 - 2017, The World Bank
  • INNOGROW, ERASMUS+ Entrepreneurial Education, (2015), European Commission
  • British Council (2015), Innovation Finance Executive Training
  • Development of the Research & Technological Infrastructure of Gaziantep Technopark Project, Europeaid, Turkey, European Commission (2014)
  • Regional Innovation Observatory (InnObs) Project, Russian Federation, The World Bank (2012-2014)
  • Integrated Innovation Support Programme, Europeaid, Republic of Serbia, European Commission (2012-2013)
  • Development of the Research and Innovation Infrastructure Roadmap for the Serbian Ministry of Science and Education, Republic of Serbia, The World Bank (2013)
  • UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), (2013), Venture Capital Market Research
  • Innovation Support Program in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation, The World Bank (2012)
  • Finance Wales (2011), Evaluation of Xenos Business Angels Network (with Prof Colin Mason, Glasgow University)
  • Early Stage Investors for High Growth Businesses, Pro Inno Europe, European Commission (2007-2008)
  • PRO INNO Policy Trendchart, DG Enterprise, European Commission (2006)
  • Development and implementation of the Innovation Actions Programme for Wales, European Commission (ERDF) (2002-2004)

Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

I possess over 20 years of professional experience the majority of those in the field of entrepreneurial finance, business development, innovation, entrepreneurship and improving the institutional capacity of companies and innovation centres.

During my career, I have taken part, as an expert or consultant, in several multimillion internationally funded projects including several World Bank, European Commission and EBRD-funded projects related to business development and entrepreneurial finance in the Russian Federation, Turkey, Jordan, Serbia, Palestine, Kenya, Ethiopia, Morocco, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobacco. 

World Bank - InfoDev – Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Business Innovation Centres

  • Consultancy support to the World Bank's InfoDev program, which helps innovative ventures through a global network of business innovation centres that assists early-stage entrepreneurs-offering mentoring, facilities, and seed funding.

World Bank -   Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Private and Financial Sector, Europe and Central Asia.

  • Task Leader: Establishment of the Regional Innovation Observatory (InnObs) (budget 2 MEUR) in the Russian Federation (sponsored RVC, RusNano and VEB).
  • Innovation Support Program in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation.
  • Development of the Research and Innovation Infrastructure Roadmap for the Serbian Ministry of Science and Education.
  • Report on the Development of the National Innovation Strategy for Georgia, Georgia, 2013, The World Bank

Development of the Research & Technological Infrastructure of Gaziantep Technopark Project, Europeaid, European Commission, Turkey. EU funded project (budget 2.6m euros) aiming to increase regional competitiveness by supporting enterprises and improving business, R&D, Innovation, Technology and ICT environment in the Gaziantep region of Turkey.

EU funded project "Integrated Innovation Support Program, Serbia" (budget 2.8 MEUR). Improvement of Innovation Support Services, which focused on the improvement of capacities in innovation support organisations in the field of policy mechanisms in order to provide efficient support to innovative SMEs.

Social media

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