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Academic staff at Kingston University with their name beginning with the letter M

A–Z of academic staff


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Liz Machtynger

Mrs Liz Machtynger

Business Readiness Manager, Business Consultant

Francesca Mackenzie

Dr Francesca Mackenzie

Lecturer in Physiology and Pharmacology

Nick (Nicola) Mai

Professor Nick (Nicola) Mai

Professor of Sociology and Migration Studies

Daryl Maisey

School Director Learning & Teaching

Dimitrios Makris

Professor Dimitrios Makris

Professor in Computer Vision and Machine Learning; Director of PGR Studies

Catherine Malabou

Ms Catherine Malabou

Professor of Philosophy at the CRMEP

Sabira Mannan

Dr Sabira Mannan

School Head of Department

Andrea Marcellusi

Dr Andrea Marcellusi

Lecturer in Health Economics

Denis Marchant

Mr Denis Marchant

Associate professor and Director of Academic Quality

Ms Hazel Marian

Education Innovation Partnerships Professional Lead

Emily Marron

Mrs Emily Marron

Senior Lecturer in simulated learning and clinical skills

Ms Teresa Marshall

Senior Lecturer in Nursing

Peter Martins da Silva

Mr Peter Martins da Silva

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Miss Lydia Maskery

Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Education

Stephen Mason

Mr Stephen Mason

Course Leader: Dance & Lecturer in Dance

Ms T Mason

OSPAP Course Director, Senior lecturer

Mrs Jane Mathew-Byrne

Practice Education Lead, Social Work

Leanne May

Mrs Leanne May

Course Director MPharm

Dr Sara McConnell

Senior lecturer in journalism

Robert McHardy

Dr Robert McHardy

Lecturer in Forensic Science

Dr Stephen McKeever

Senior Lecturer in Children's Nursing

Claire Mckellow

Mrs Claire Mckellow

Senior Lecturer in Midwifery

Rex A McKenzie

Dr Rex A McKenzie

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Joanne McKibbin

Joanne McKibbin

School Head of Department

Jackie McRae

Dr Jackie McRae

School Director Research & Enterprise

Alex McSweeney

Dr Alex McSweeney

Senior Lecturer in Drama

Gill Mein

Senior lecturer in Health and Wellbeing

Robert Mellor

Dr Robert Mellor

Associate professor

Dr Ally R Memon

Senior Lecturer; Programme Director

María Mencía

Dr María Mencía

Associate Professor, Course Leader BA Media and Communication

Lucie Mercier

Dr Lucie Mercier

Lecturer in Modern European Philosophy

Dr Jia Miao

Senior Lecturer

Ricarda Micallef

Miss Ricarda Micallef

Associate Professor in Pharmacy Practice

Paul Micklethwaite

Dr Paul Micklethwaite

Senior Research Fellow

John Miers

Dr John Miers

Lecturer in Illustration and Critical and Historical Studies

Hannah Miller

Dr Hannah Miller

Senior Lecturer in Human Rights, Politics and International Relations

Russell Miller

Mr Russell Miller

Associate Professor & Course Director

Janice Miller

Ms Janice Miller

School Head of Department

Helen Julia Minors

Dr Helen Julia Minors

Associate Professor of Music / Course Leader for Music and Creative Music Technologies

Helmout Modjtahedi

Professor Helmout Modjtahedi

Professor of Cancer Biology

Hannah Jayne Moir

Dr Hannah Jayne Moir

Associate Professor in Health & Exercise Prescription

Paddy Molloy

Mr Paddy Molloy

Senior Lecturer BA Illustration Animation

Martin Morris

Mr Martin Morris

Senior Lecturer BA Illustration Animation

Max Morris

Dr Max Morris

Lecturer in Criminology

Dr Wilson Muleya

School Head of Department

Hilda Mulrooney

Dr Hilda Mulrooney

Senior Lecturer in Nutrition

Siva Prasad Reddy Muppala

Dr Siva Prasad Reddy Muppala

Senior Lecturer in Thermofluids

Miss Naomi Murphy

Senior Lecturer Paramedic Practice

Mrs Sarah Murray

Pharmacy Teaching Fellow

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