Dr Matthew Melia


I completed my undergraduate studies  in 2001 at the University of Aberdeen (Joint MA Hons English-Lit / History of Art) and I was awarded my PhD from Kingston ('Architecture and Cruelty in the Writings of Antonin Artaud, Samuel Beckett and Jean Genet') in 2007, which I am currently revisining for possible publication

I currently teach across film, media and English Llterature.

My current and ongoing research concentrates  on the work of both Stanley Kubrick and Ken Russell. I  focuson areas such as the unwritten production histories of A Clockwork Orange, and the unmade and unrealised films and projects of Ken Russell.


Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer


  • Joint MA (Hons) English Literature - History of Art (2.1) - University of Aberdeen (2001)
  • PhD (Architecture and Cruelty in the Writings of Antonin Artaud, Samuel Beckett and Jean Genet) - Kingston University (2007)
  • PgCert (higher education teaching certificate) - Kingston University - 2010.

Teaching and learning


I am currently on the advisory board/editorial committee for a book series forthcoming from Intellect on Unmade Films.

I am a working on an edited collection entitled The Films of Ken Russell (Edinburgh University Press, International Directors Series) to which I am also contributing a chapter, The Gothic Legacy of Ken Russell.

I am  on the advisory board/editorial committee for a book series forthcoming from Intellect on Unmade Films.

I spend a considerable amount of time in the Stanley Kubrick Archives  where I am also  carrying out resesarch for a book project based around production design and the production history of A Clockwork Orange. I presented this research at the 2019 SCMS conference in Seattle. 

In 2018 I  co-organized and led  on A Clockwork Orange entitled A Clockwork Symposium  in partnership with the Kubrick Archives / LCC, The International Anthony Burgess Foundation and Kingston University. 

In 2016 I organized and led a major conference,  Ken Russell: Perspectives Reception and Legacy  at Kingston University.


Number of items: 13.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Melia, Matthew (2009) "Oh what's the bloody point?": a deconstruction of Kenneth William's life, screen and written performances and their reflection in the biopic Fantabulosa (BBC 2006). In: Performing lives; 06 - 08 Jul 2009, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Melia, Matthew (2007) Architecture and cruelty in the writings of Antonin Artaud, Jean Genet and Samuel Beckett. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, uk.bl.ethos.555055.

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