Academic staff in the School of Arts

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Murat Adash

Murat Adash

Lecturer in Fine Art

Joanne Addison

Ms Joanne Addison

School Head of Department

Dr Jess Aslan

Lecturer in Music and Music Technology

Joanna Bailey

Ms Joanna Bailey

School Director Learning & Teaching

Bill Balaskas

Dr Bill Balaskas

School Director Research & Enterprise

Hannah Ballou

Dr Hannah Ballou

Senior Lecturer in Drama

Julia Bell

Hourly paid Lecturer MA in Art Business

Mr Andrew Bick

Senior lecturer, Fine Art

Anne Kathrine Bindesbøll

Anne Kathrine Bindesbøll

Senior Lecturer, BA Filmmaking, MA Experimental Film

Elena Catalano

Dr Elena Catalano

Senior Lecturer in Dance

Professor Colin Chambers

Emeritus Professor of Drama

JJ Chan

JJ Chan

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

Andrew Clancy

Professor Andrew Clancy

Professor of Architecture

Liliana Colombo

Miss Liliana Colombo

Lecturer in Filmmaking

Tom Coward

Mr Tom Coward

Senior Lecturer, MArch Unit Tutor

Mr Matthew Cunningham

Personal Tutor Lead, KSA

Aoife Donnelly

Ms Aoife Donnelly

Course Leader MArch Architecture, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Landscape

Frances Drayson

Frances Drayson

Lecturer BA Fine Art

Volker Eichelmann

Mr Volker Eichelmann

Director for Postgraduate Research (School of Art & Architecture)

Laura Evans

Ms Laura Evans

Senior Lecturer and Joint Course Leader BA Architecture

Kristof Fatsar

Dr Kristof Fatsar

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Landscape Architecture

Diego Ferrari

Mr Diego Ferrari

Senior Lecturer BA Photography

Abbe Fletcher

Abbe Fletcher

Senior Lecturer

Elan Gamaker

Dr Elan Gamaker

Course Leader, BA Filmmaking

Michael Gatt

Dr Michael Gatt

Course Leader: BA Music Technology

Sia Gbamoi

Ms Sia Gbamoi

Lecturer in Dance

Adam Gillam

Mr Adam Gillam

Joint Course Leader BA Fine Art

Alex Gore

Mr Alex Gore

Senior Lecturer & Joint Course Leader BA Architecture

Pablo Grattoni

Mr Pablo Grattoni

Digital Media Workshop & hackSpace Workshop Manager

Maren Hahnfeld

Ms Maren Hahnfeld

Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking

Claudia Jazz Haley

Dr Claudia Jazz Haley

Lecturer in Drama and Theatre

Mark Harris

Mr Mark Harris

Course Leader BA Fine Art

Cathy Hawley

Cathy Hawley

Unit Tutor MArch Architecture

Mr Joe Howland

Hourly Paid Lecturer

Stephen Hughes

Stephen Hughes

Senior Lecturer

Valentina Ippolito

Dr Valentina Ippolito

Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking

Beatrice Jarvis

Dr Beatrice Jarvis

Senior Lecturer in Dance and Course Leader for BA Dance and Drama, ECR Representative

Zoe Jones

Zoe Jones

Senior Lecturer

Irena Kalodera

Irena Kalodera

Visiting Lecturer in Filmmaking

Leah Kardos

Dr Leah Kardos

Senior Lecturer in Music

Dan Kidner

Dr Dan Kidner

Senior Lecturer, Fine Art

Anthony Lam

Mr Anthony Lam

Senior Lecturer in Photographic Practice

Justine Langford

Ms Justine Langford

Senior Lecturer (part time)

Ms Xuejing Lou

Language teacher

Christoph Lueder

Dr Christoph Lueder

Associate Professor Architecture and Urbanism

Caoimhe Mader McGuinness

Dr Caoimhe Mader McGuinness

Senior Lecturer in Drama

Ciaran Malik

Ciaran Malik

Senior Lecturer in Structures and Materials

Stephen Mason

Mr Stephen Mason

Head of Department of Performing Arts & Senior Lecturer in Dance

Alex McSweeney

Dr Alex McSweeney

Senior Lecturer in Drama

Matthew Melia

Dr Matthew Melia

Senior Lecturer and Course leader of the Humanities Foundation Degree

Douglas Murphy

Douglas Murphy

Senior Lecturer in Architecture

Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy

Senior Lecturer (Photography)

Julie Myers

Ms Julie Myers

Senior Lecturer

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson

Professor of Fine Art

Alex Nevill

Dr Alex Nevill

Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking

Sarah Nicol

Sarah Nicol

Lecturer in Music

Fay Nicolson

Fay Nicolson

Lecturer, BA Fine Art

Ms Lucy Norfield

Hourly Paid Lecturer

Shane O'Sullivan

Dr Shane O'Sullivan

School Head of Department

David Owen

Mr David Owen

Undergraduate Design Studio Tutor

Daniela Perazzo

Dr Daniela Perazzo

Senior Lecturer in Dance; Postgraduate Research Coordinator for the Department of Performing Arts and the School of Arts; KSA Athena Swan Co-Chair

Jason Piper

Mr Jason Piper

Associate Professor, Lead for Engagement and Development, KSA

Elizabeth Price

Professor Elizabeth Price

Professor of Film and Photography

Morgan Quaintance

Morgan Quaintance

Lecturer, Fine Art

Judy Rabinowitz Price

Dr Judy Rabinowitz Price

Course director MA Photography

George Reid

Dr George Reid

Lecturer in Music

Lucy Renton

Dr Lucy Renton

School Director Learning & Teaching

Vanessa Ross

Vanessa Ross

HPL Professional Practice Landscape Architecture

Timothy Smith

Mr Timothy Smith

Senior Lecturer, MArch Architecture (RIBA 2)

Eiko Soga

Dr Eiko Soga

Lecturer, Fine Art

Alexandra Stara

Dr Alexandra Stara

Associate Professor and Reader in the History and Theory of Architecture

Cynthia Stephens-Himonides

Dr Cynthia Stephens-Himonides

Senior Lecturer, Course Leader MA Music Education, Course Leader MMus Performance

Andrea Stokes

Ms Andrea Stokes

Associate Professor

Mrs Laura Stott

Senior Lecturer, KSA Academic Success Centre

Eleanor Suess

Dr Eleanor Suess

Associate Professor of Architectural Representation

Liz Swain

Liz Swain

Part Time Lecturer in Singing

Eliza Tan

Dr Eliza Tan

Lecturer (Critical and Historical Studies, BA Fine Art and Art History, Critical Issues in Fine Art)

Isabella van Elferen

Professor Isabella van Elferen

School Director Research & Enterprise

Nana Varveropoulou

Ms Nana Varveropoulou

Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) & MA Photography

Sean Wyatt

Sean Wyatt

Lecturer in Photography, Interim course leader - MA Photography & Level 4 year leader - BA Photography

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