Ms Abhaya Rajani


As a dalit queer feminist and educator based in London, I am committed to constructing a dialogue to develop alternative anti-caste feminist pedagogy by archiving dalit ancestral knowledge(s). By synthesising art-making and my architecture training, the transdisciplinary practice weaves through varied mediums of installations, films, participatory workshops, durational performances, spatial research, translations and performative writing. 

Along with the art experimentations, I have co-founded the intergenerational Godhadi collective with my mother and late grandmothers, also co-founded Rakhan Productions with visual anthropologist Sam McNeil. I have exhibited work in the UK and internationally. As a recipient of the Stanley Picker Fellowship, I am currently working as the APR Programme Co-ordinator for Kingston and Visiting Lecturer at BA Fine Art. Recently awarded the British Art Council Funding for collaborative project, ‘Touching on Caste' in collaboration with Bloc Projects, Sheffield.

Academic responsibilities

Visiting Lecturer and APR Programme Co-ordinator for Kingston


  • MA Print at the Royal College of Art, London
  • B. Arch. at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture, Mumbai