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Academic staff in the Kingston School of Art

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Joanne Addison

Ms Joanne Addison

Acting Head of Department, Fine Art

Maria Ahmed

Ms Maria Ahmed

Senior lecturer in journalism

Caroline Alexander

Miss Caroline Alexander

Senior lecturer/L4 year leader - Fashion

Chiara Alfano

Dr Chiara Alfano

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Eric Alliez

Professor Eric Alliez

Professor of Contemporary French Philosophy

Dr Jess Aslan

Lecturer in Music and Music Technology

Joanna Bailey

Ms Joanna Bailey

School Director Learning & Teaching

Wendy Baker

Ms Wendy Baker

Senior lecturer/ Level 5 year leader

Bill Balaskas

Dr Bill Balaskas

Director of Research, Business & Innovation, School of Art & Architecture

Etienne Balibar

Professor Etienne Balibar

Anniversary Chair in Modern European Philosophy

Hannah Ballou

Dr Hannah Ballou

Lecturer in Drama & Theatre Arts

Dr Colette Balmain

Senior lecturer in Film and Media

Professor Stephen Barber

Research Professor in Art History

Adam Baron

Dr Adam Baron

Associate professor

Zoë Bather

Zoë Bather

Senior Lecturer

Alison Baverstock

Dr Alison Baverstock

Associate professor of Publishing and Director of the Kingston University Big Read

Andrew Benjamin

Professor Andrew Benjamin

Anniversary Professor of Philosophy and the Humanities

Sarah Bennett

Dr Sarah Bennett

Head of School Art and Architecture

Mr Andrew Bick

Senior lecturer, Fine Art

Ms Anne Kathrine Bindesbøll

Senior Lecturer, BA Filmmaking, MA Experimental Film

Jonathan Black

Dr Jonathan Black

Senior Research Fellow in History of Art

Bernadette Blair

Professor Bernadette Blair

Emeritus Professor in Art and Design Pedagogy

Paul Booth

Dr Paul Booth

Senior lecturer

Professor Fred Botting

Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing

Ms Mary Braid

Senior lecturer in journalism

Beth Brewster

Ms Beth Brewster

School Head of Department

Will Brooker

Professor Will Brooker

Professor of Film and Cultural Studies

Will Broome

Mr Will Broome

Senior lecturer

Stephen Brown

Mr Stephen Brown

Senior lecturer - animation

Simon Brown

Dr Simon Brown

Associate professor

Dr Fan Carter

School Director of Learning and Teaching

Howard Caygill

Professor Howard Caygill

Professor of Modern European Philosophy

Professor Colin Chambers

Emeritus Professor of Drama

Philip Chambon

Mr Philip Chambon

Senior Lecturer in Music

Jon Chu

Mr Jon Chu

Senior Lecturer in Dance

Andrew Clancy

Professor Andrew Clancy

Professor of Architecture

Timothy Clarke

Mr Timothy Clarke

3D Workshop Manager

Mr Carl Clerkin

Senior Tutor, Product and Furniture Design

Clare Conway

Ms Clare Conway

School Director of Learning & Teaching and Senior Lecturer, Design School

Mr David Rees Davies

Erasmus Coordinator

Rachel Davies

Ms Rachel Davies

Senior Lecturer / Graphic Design / Moving Image

Philip Davies

Mr Philip Davies

Course Leader, Product & Furniture Design BA

Dr Corin Depper

Senior Lecturer, Film

Stephanie Dieckvoss

Ms Stephanie Dieckvoss

Senior Lecturer and Course Director MA Art Market & Appraisal (Professional Practice)

Martin Dines

Dr Martin Dines

Senior Lecturer in English Literature

Aoife Donnelly

Ms Aoife Donnelly

Senior Lecturer Part-Time

Rachel Edmonds

Ms Rachel Edmonds

Lecturer in EAP and Applied Linguistics

Volker Eichelmann

Mr Volker Eichelmann

Director for Postgraduate Research (School of Art & Architecture)

Laura Evans

Ms Laura Evans

Dissertation Tutor

Alex Evans

Mr Alex Evans

Senior Lecturer in Popular Music & Music Technology

Azadeh Fatehrad

Dr Azadeh Fatehrad

Post-Doctoral Researcher (Kingston School of Art and Research Collaborations)

Kristof Fatsar

Dr Kristof Fatsar

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Landscape Architecture

Nicholas Ferguson

Dr Nicholas Ferguson

Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Art

Diego Ferrari

Mr Diego Ferrari

Senior Lecturer BA Photography

Dr Fiona Fisher


Matthew Flintham

Dr Matthew Flintham

Early Career Research Fellow

Thomas Flynn

Dr Thomas Flynn

Visiting Lecturer

Jonathan Gander

Dr Jonathan Gander

School Head of Department

Rachel Gannon

Ms Rachel Gannon

Course Leader BA Illustration Animation

Adam Gillam

Mr Adam Gillam

Joint Course Leader BA Fine Art

Dr Irene González-López

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Mr Jan Goodey

Course Director MA Magazine Journalism

Tim Gough

Mr Tim Gough

Senior Lecturer

Geoffrey Grandfield

Mr Geoffrey Grandfield

Associate Professor Head of Illustration Animation Department

Pablo Grattoni

Mr Pablo Grattoni

Digital Media Workshop & hackSpace Workshop Manager

Maggie Gray

Dr Maggie Gray

Lecturer in Critical and Historical Studies (Illustration Animation)

Laura Haines

Ms Laura Haines

Visiting Lecturer

Dr Lina Hakim

Lecturer in Visual and Material Culture

Dave Hallett

Mr Dave Hallett

Technician – Moving Image Workshop

Peter Hallward

Professor Peter Hallward

Professor of Modern European Philosophy

Kathleen Hills

Kathleen Hills

Senior Lecturer in Product and Furniture Design

Avril Horner

Professor Avril Horner

Emeritus Professor of English

Dr Chris Horrocks

Associate Professor

Sarah Horrod

Dr Sarah Horrod

Senior Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes & Applied Linguistics

Ajay Hothi

Mr Ajay Hothi

Lecturer, Critical and Historical Studies

Karen Hurley

Ms Karen Hurley

Senior Lecturer English for Academic Purposes

Ersi Ioannidou

Dr Ersi Ioannidou

Senior Lecturer / PGR Student Director

Ms Toyoko Ito

Research Associate

Paul Jenkins

Mr Paul Jenkins

Senior Lecturer Photography

Meg Jensen

Dr Meg Jensen

Professor, English Literature and Creative Writing

Rachael Johnson

Dr Rachael Johnson

Lecturer in History

Mary Vaughan Johnson

Mary Vaughan Johnson

School Head of Department

Miss Hannah Jordan

Senior Lecture BA fashion

Leah Kardos

Dr Leah Kardos

Senior Lecturer in Music

Neill Kidgell

Mr Neill Kidgell

Lecturer in Fine Art

Dan Kidner

Dr Dan Kidner

Senior Lecturer, Fine Art

Professor Pat Kirkham

Professor: Design History (0.3)

Stephen Knott

Dr Stephen Knott

Lecturer in Critical and Historical Studies

Kathy Kubicki

Kathy Kubicki

Senior Lecturer & Editor of Photography & Culture journal

Anthony Lam

Mr Anthony Lam

Senior Lecturer in Photography

Marina Lambrou

Dr Marina Lambrou

Associate Professor in English Language and Linguistics

Justine Langford

Ms Justine Langford

Senior Lecturer (part time)

Felipe Lanuza Rilling

Dr Felipe Lanuza Rilling

Visiting Lecturer / Architecture and Landscape

John Lawrence

Mr John Lawrence

Lecturer in Fine Art

Edward Lawrenson

Mr Edward Lawrenson

Senior Lecturer, BA Filmmaking, MA Experimental Film

Rachel Lillie

Ms Rachel Lillie

Senior Lecturer BA Illustration Animation

Alex Linghorn

Mr Alex Linghorn

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and Languages

David Linton

Dr David Linton

Senior Lecturer in Drama

Karen A Lipsedge

Dr Karen A Lipsedge

Associate Professor in English Literature

Fran Lloyd

Professor Fran Lloyd

Director of Postgraduate Research and Co-Director of Visual and Material Culture Research Centre

Caroline Lofthouse

Ms Caroline Lofthouse

Senior Lecturer in Dance

Ms Clare Lovell

Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Christoph Lueder

Dr Christoph Lueder

Associate Professor

Todd Lynn

Mr Todd Lynn

Associate Professor

Catherine Malabou

Ms Catherine Malabou

Professor of Philosophy at the CRMEP

Zelda Malan

Ms Zelda Malan

Senior Lecturer

Stephen Mason

Mr Stephen Mason

Course Leader: Dance & Lecturer in Dance

Dr Sara McConnell

Senior lecturer in journalism

Alex McSweeney

Dr Alex McSweeney

Senior Lecturer in Drama

María Mencía

Dr María Mencía

Associate Professor, Course Leader BA Media and Communication

Lucie Mercier

Dr Lucie Mercier

Lecturer in Modern European Philosophy

Paul Micklethwaite

Dr Paul Micklethwaite

Senior Research Fellow

John Miers

Dr John Miers

Lecturer in Illustration and Critical and Historical Studies

Russell Miller

Mr Russell Miller

Associate Professor & Course Director

Janice Miller

Ms Janice Miller

School Head of Department

Helen Julia Minors

Dr Helen Julia Minors

Associate Professor of Music / Course Leader for Music and Creative Music Technologies

Paddy Molloy

Mr Paddy Molloy

Senior Lecturer BA Illustration Animation

Martin Morris

Mr Martin Morris

Senior Lecturer BA Illustration Animation

Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy

Senior Lecturer (Photography)

Dan Newman

Mr Dan Newman

Hourly Paid Lecturer

Barbara Nicholls

Barbara Nicholls

Lecturer in Cinematography to BA Filmmaking

Jeremy Nuttall

Dr Jeremy Nuttall

Senior Lecturer in Modern British History

Sorcha O'Brien

Dr Sorcha O'Brien

Senior Lecturer in Design History & Theory

Fiona O'Brien

Miss Fiona O'Brien

Lecturer in Journalism

Patrick O'Neill

Dr Patrick O'Neill

Lecturer in Film Studies

Shane O'Sullivan

Dr Shane O'Sullivan

Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking

Peter Osborne

Professor Peter Osborne

Director of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy

Mr David Owen

Undergraduate Design Studio Tutor

Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker

Senior Lecturer and Joint Course Leader BA Filmmaking

Dr Angela Partington

Associate Dean Learning & Teaching

Jane Pavitt

Professor Jane Pavitt

Head of Impact, Directorate of Research, Business and Innovation

Albert Pellicer

Mr Albert Pellicer

Lecturer in Modern Languages (Spanish)

Daniela Perazzo Domm

Dr Daniela Perazzo Domm

Senior Lecturer in Dance - Postgraduate Research Coordinator (School of Arts, Culture and Communication)

Patricia Phillippy

Professor Patricia Phillippy

School Director Research & Enterprise

Winsome Pinnock

Associate Professor, Drama

Jason Piper

Mr Jason Piper

Associate Professor of Dance

Paul Postle

Mr Paul Postle

Course Leader MA Communication Design : Illustration

Ms Helen Potkin

Associate Professor

Dr Landé Pratt

Associate Professor

Davina Quinlivan

Dr Davina Quinlivan

Senior Lecturer in Critical and Historical Studies

Judy Rabinowitz Price

Dr Judy Rabinowitz Price

Course director MA Photography

Trish Reid

Professor Trish Reid

Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

Elinor Renfrew

Mrs Elinor Renfrew

School Head of Department

Lucy Renton

Dr Lucy Renton

School Director Learning & Teaching

Jim Reynolds

Dr Jim Reynolds

Senior Lecturer in Drama

Jeanine Richards

Ms Jeanine Richards

School Director Research & Enterprise

Jennifer Richardson

Miss Jennifer Richardson

Lecturer in Journalism

Mrs Julia Robinson

Finance Business Partner

Julian Rodriguez

Julian Rodriguez

School Head of Department

Ms Rosa Rodriguez-Garrido

Modern language lecturer and Kingston Language Scheme Director

Dr David Rogers

Emeritus Senior Fellow

Miss Vanessa Ross

HPL Professional Practice Landscape Architecture

Catharine Rossi

Dr Catharine Rossi

Senior Lecturer in Design History

Stella Sandford

Professor Stella Sandford

Professor of Modern European Philosophy

Selene Scarsi

Dr Selene Scarsi

Senior Lecturer in English

Jana Scholze

Dr Jana Scholze

Associate Professor

Kate Scott

Dr Kate Scott

Senior Lecturer

Timothy Smith

Mr Timothy Smith

Course Leader, MArch Architecture (RIBA 2)

Richard Sorger

Mr Richard Sorger

Associate Professor and Course Leader MA Fashion

Hannah Sowden

Dr Hannah Sowden

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Penny Sparke

Professor Penny Sparke

Director, Modern Interiors Research Centre

Mr Richard Squires

Joint Course Leader / Senior Lecturer

Alexandra Stara

Dr Alexandra Stara

Associate Professor and Reader in the History and Theory of Architecture

David Stirling Frizzell

Mr David Stirling Frizzell

Level 6 year leader / senior lecturer

Andrea Stokes

Ms Andrea Stokes

Associate Professor

Mrs Laura Stott

Academic Skills Advisor

Vlastimir Sudar

Dr Vlastimir Sudar

Senior Lecturer in Critical and Historical Studies - Filmmaking

Eleanor Suess

Eleanor Suess

Associate Professor of Architectural Representation

Mr Robin Tarbet

Senior Lecturer and Pathway Leader in Fine Art

Marloes ten Bhömer

Ms Marloes ten Bhömer

Senior Research Fellow

David Thomas

Mr David Thomas

Course Leader Ba (hons) Fashion

Portia Ungley

Ms Portia Ungley

Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture

Sara Upstone

Professor Sara Upstone

School Head of Department

Nana Varveropoulou

Ms Nana Varveropoulou

Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Photography

Phillip Warnell

Mr Phillip Warnell

Associate Professor and Director of Studies MA Experimental Film

Iain R Webb

Professor Iain R Webb

Professor of Fashion & Design

Jane Webster

Ms Jane Webster

Senior Lecturer BA Illustration Animation

Russell Weekes

Mr Russell Weekes

Lecturer BA Illustration Animation

Dr Matthew Wells

Lecturer in the History and Theory of Architecture

Hager Weslati

Dr Hager Weslati

Course Director MA Media & Communication

Nick White

Mr Nick White

Senior Lecturer BA Illustration Animation

Austin Williams

Mr Austin Williams

Senior Lecturer, course leader

Scott Wilson

Professor Scott Wilson

Professor of Media and Communication

Emily Wood

Ms Emily Wood

Acting Course Leader, BA Graphic Design

Dr Steven Woodbridge

Senior Lecturer in History


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