Mr Diego Ulrich


I run the typography module in Level 4. The module introduces students to the fundamental principles and components of layout, hierarchy and composition, as well as how to employ these effectively.

Since 2017 I have run Askeo, an award-winning graphic design consultancy based in London. The studio has a strong typographic focus and an emphasis on participatory and conversational research methods. In my practice I explore how visualising data can inform the way people experience and understand information. Our output includes publications, exhibition design and creative direction for physical environments. Recent clients have included Arts Council England, Clerkenwell Design Week, Penguin Books and UNESCO.

I hold a BA in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins and a PgDip in Spatial Performance and Design. Having completed the postgraduate degree at the Architectural Association, I was able to specialise further my graphic design practice by applying knowledge to include the built environment.

In addition to teaching at KSA, I am a regular visiting lecturer at Central Saint Martins and the Architectural Association. My teaching practice is informed by drawing on the students' own critical views and interests, to explore new ways they can mediate a message. By creating new connections, students begin to avoid the use of worn-out distinctions and separations and to see new relations that can inform their work, moving towards interdisciplinary methods. I was awarded a PG Cert in Teaching and Learning from UAL in 2018 and am a Higher Education Academy Associate Fellow (FHEA).

Academic responsibilities



  • BA Graphic Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Spatial Performance and Design
  • PGCert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • FHEA Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Teaching and learning

During the PG Cert in Teaching and Learning, I was exposed to innovative ways of teaching and have since continued developing new methods, introducing students to ideas and concepts. I was able to experiment and enjoyed inviting students to co-design aspects of the curriculum. The collaborative approach between the students and myself has allowed new ideas and new partnerships to form. Through facilitating design Charrettes with the students I have been able to challenge the power relationships within the university. This has enabled us to find unique approaches to setting up final degree shows. 

I have facilitated links between year groups, linking first year students to second year students for a support system which enables them to speak to someone regarding their work and create relationships which strengthen the course. 

I have developed different co-productional approaches to encourage and foster partnerships between staff and students. The aim was to redesign the current studio space while including all stakeholders at the discussion stage. A participatory action approach was used to conduct research by, for and with the students leading to practical improvements to their environment. With the help of an Activity Theory Model, all partners and actors were identified, involving the whole community.

I am interested in developing the students' critical abilities, challenging the traditional structure of a top down pedagogy. I enjoy taking on the role of the learner while teaching. If teaching left me unaffected, untransformed by it, it would lose its exciting element. Active learning methods and discussions guide this process.

Undergraduate courses taught