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Academic staff at Kingston University with their name beginning with the letter B

A–Z of academic staff


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Dr Elisa Back

Senior lecturer

Ingrid Bacon

Dr Ingrid Bacon

Senior Lecturer Mental Health Nursing

Joanna Bailey

Ms Joanna Bailey

School Director Learning & Teaching

Wendy Baker

Ms Wendy Baker

Senior lecturer/ Level 5 year leader

Mr Chris Baker

Associate Professor

Bill Balaskas

Dr Bill Balaskas

Director of Research, Business & Innovation, School of Art & Architecture

Etienne Balibar

Professor Etienne Balibar

Anniversary Chair in Modern European Philosophy

Hannah Ballou

Dr Hannah Ballou

Lecturer in Drama & Theatre Arts

Dr Colette Balmain

Senior lecturer in Film and Media

Professor Stephen Barber

Research Professor in Art History

James Barker

Dr James Barker

Associate professor (Reader in Analytical Science)

Sarah Barman

Professor Sarah Barman

Professor of Computer Vision

Nabajeet Barman

Dr Nabajeet Barman

Research associate

Adam Baron

Dr Adam Baron

Associate Professor

Pedro Barra

Dr Pedro Barra

Associate professor in Nutrition

Dr Peter Barrington

School Head of Department

Duncan Barron

Mr Duncan Barron

Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Lead

Stephen Barton

Dr Stephen Barton

Associate professor

Steven Bastow

Dr Steven Bastow

Associate Dean Learning & Teaching

Zoë Bather

Zoë Bather

Senior Lecturer

Alison Baverstock

Dr Alison Baverstock

Associate professor of Publishing and Director of the Kingston University Big Read

Ian Beadham

Dr Ian Beadham

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Joseph Bear

Dr Joseph Bear

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Alex Beckey

Mr Alex Beckey

Lecturer in PE, Sport and Physical Activity

Mr Andrew Bick

Senior lecturer, Fine Art

Ms Anne Kathrine Bindesbøll

Senior Lecturer, BA Filmmaking, MA Experimental Film

Jonathan Black

Dr Jonathan Black

Senior Research Fellow in History of Art

Robert Blackburn

Professor Robert Blackburn

Associate Dean Research; Director SBRC

Carmel Blackie

Ms Carmel Blackie

Associate Professor PHC

Bernadette Blair

Professor Bernadette Blair

Emeritus Professor in Art and Design Pedagogy

Marvyn Boatswain

Dr Marvyn Boatswain

Senior lecturer in Marketing & course director

Annette Boaz

Professor Annette Boaz

Professor of Health Care Research

Kathy Bor

Ms Kathy Bor

Senior Lecturer, Primary Art Education

Professor Fred Botting

Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing

Miyyada Boumechache

Dr Miyyada Boumechache

Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice

Stephen Bowen

Stephen Bowen

Senior Lecturer

Mary Brady

Ms Mary Brady

Senior Lecturer

Dermot Brady

Dermot Brady

Senior Lecturer

Ms Mary Braid

Senior lecturer in journalism

Beth Brewster

Ms Beth Brewster

School Head of Department

Will Brooker

Professor Will Brooker

Professor of Film and Cultural Studies

Will Broome

Mr Will Broome

Senior lecturer

James Brouner

Dr James Brouner

Senior Lecturer in Sport Analysis

Stephen Brown

Mr Stephen Brown

Senior lecturer - animation

Simon Brown

Dr Simon Brown

Associate professor

Douglas Brown

Dr Douglas Brown

Senior lecturer in Geographic Information Systems and Human Geography

Dr Kerry Brown

Senior lecturer

Vesna Brujic-Okretic

Professor Vesna Brujic-Okretic

Head of School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Paul Burke

Senior Lecturer

Jasmine Burnett

Ms Jasmine Burnett

Lecturer Practice Placements - Nursing Associates

Rosa Busquets

Dr Rosa Busquets

Senior lecturer in Analytical and Forensic Chemistry

Christina Butler

Dr Christina Butler

Associate professor

Jess Buxton

Dr Jess Buxton

Senior lecturer in Medical Genetics

Dr Ian Byford

Associate professor

Linda Byrne

Ms Linda Byrne

Senior lecturer

Kimberley Byrnes

Senior Lecturer Children's Nursing

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