Ms Mary Braid


I am BA Journalism course leader and I teach on the BA and the MA Magazine and MA journalism courses. I currently lead four modules - level 6 International Journalism Special Study, level 5 Journalism Research Paper, level 4 Journalism and the Wider World and MA Feature Writing. I also teach MA ethics and on a foundation module. Before joining Kingston, I spent two decades working full time as a journalist including ten years at the Independent newspaper. I have been a general news reporter, education reporter, feature writer and foreign correspondent (former Africa correspondent for the Independent). I have local and national media experience and though mainly employed as a staffer, I also know the highs and lows of freelancing!

Academic responsibilities

Senior lecturer in journalism


  • MA (Hons) English literature and Philosophy (Edinburgh University)
  • BSc in Psychology (Birkbeck)

Teaching and learning

Postgraduate courses taught


I started a PhD in media and communication a few years ago at Goldsmiths but it is currently on ice. Time is the issue but I maintain my interest in the central focus of the PhD - the relationship between media and government and the power of each to affect the other. While the proposition that government influences media coverage is widely supported by research, the assertion that media influences politics and policy making (beyond agenda setting) is contentious and media scholarship in this area is just opening up. I was looking at the wider question through an examination of the past 17 years of adoption policy in the UK and the relationship between journalists and peripheral and core policy network sources.