Dr James Brouner


I am the course director for both the Sport Science BSc (Hons) and Sport Science (Coaching) BSc (Hons).  My current teaching responsibilities included delivery of all Performance Analysis based content across both undergraduate and postgraduate provision at Kingston. Within this I focus on the methodological aspects of data collection and analysis and delivery of impactful, data driven content to applied settings.

My main research interests are performance analysis in both team and individual sport, biomechanical analysis of fatigue, optimal nutritional strategies for endurance sport and the biomechanics of dance science.  

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Sport Analysis


  • PhD in Biomechanical analysis of the impact of fatigue on the Dorsi flexors and Plantarflexors
  • MSc in Applied Sport Science
  • BSc (Hons) Sport Science
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in HE (PG-CertHE)

Teaching and learning


Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision


Number of items: 21.


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Book Section

Gurney, Tom, Brouner, James and Spendiff, Owen (2023) The efficacy of microalgae supplementation for exercise performance. In: Dominguez, Herminia , Pereira, Leonel and Kraan, Stefan, (eds.) Functional ingredients from algae for foods and nutraceuticals. 2nd ed. Oxford, U.K. : Woodhead Publishing. pp. 565-592. (Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition) ISBN 9780323988193

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Conference or Workshop Item

Brouner, James (2023) A biomechanical comparison of 'large and small' breasts motion : a matched-pair case study. In: 33rd IADMS Annual Conference; 12-15 Oct 2023, Ohio, U.S.. (In Press)

Brouner, James (2023) Tapping into fatigue : a qualitative exploration of tap dancers' experiences with fatigue. In: 33rd IADMS Annual Conference; 12-15 Oct 2023, Ohio, U.S.. (In Press)

Parris, Kirstie, Pummell, Elizabeth and Brouner, James (2015) Penalty shootouts in women's soccer : the influence of kicking order, kick number, and positional role. In: BASES Conference 2015; 01 - 02 Dec 2015, Burton-Upon-Trent, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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