Mr Colin Bradsell


I am a part time member of the team working solely with Foundation Engineering courses. I am a chartered engineer with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and specialise in metrology with respect to material properties and experimental methods.

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering


  • MSc
  • BSc
  • BA

Teaching and learning


My research background focuses on the measurement of thermodynamic and fluid properties within the oil industry. I also have experience in developing novel experimental methods to determine a range of performances within the field of low and ultra-low-density materials.

Qualifications and expertise

  • MSc

Areas of specialism

  • Diffusion Performance of Low Density Cellular Solids


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Izzard, V. G., Bradsell, C.H., Hadavinia, H., Morris, V.J., Foot, P. J. S., Wilson, L.M. and Hewson, K. (2012) Performance of nylon based polymer foams at elevated temperature under tensile loading. Key Engineering Materials, 488-48, pp. 286-289. ISSN (print) 1013-9826

Izzard, Vanessa, Bradsell, Colin, Hadavinia, H., Morris, Valerie, Foot, P.J.S. and Witten, N. (2010) Investigation of the compression recovery properties of Polyamide-6 cellular solid over the temperature range of -5[degrees]C to 90[degrees]C. Key Engineering Materials, 417-18, pp. 933-936. ISSN (print) 1013-9826

Conference or Workshop Item

Donchev, T., Thomopoulos, G. and Bradsell, C. (2008) Application of FRP materials for retrofitting of RC beams after shear failure. In: Fourth International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering (CICE 2008); 22 - 24 Jul 2008, Zurich, Switzerland. ISBN 9783905594508 (Unpublished)


Bradsell, Colin (2011) Gravimetric determination of diffusion coefficients and volumetric properties of polyethylene closed cell foams. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .

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  • MIMechE

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  • Institute of Mechanical Engineers