Academic staff in the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment

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Jad Abbass

Dr Jad Abbass

Lecturer in Data Science

Sa'id Ahmed

Dr Sa'id Ahmed

Lecturer in Quantity Surveying

Hend Ali

Dr Hend Ali

Course Director of Msc Building Survey & Quantity Surveying Programs - Lecturer in Construction Technology

Zoé Almazán

Zoé Almazán

Lecturer in Building Surveying

Graham Alsop

Mr Graham Alsop

School Director Learning & Teaching

Mohamad R Askari

Dr Mohamad R Askari

Associate Professor and Aerospace Engineering Course Director

Andy Augousti

Professor Andy Augousti

Professor of Applied Physics and Instrumentation

Beenish Ayaz

Dr Beenish Ayaz

Lecturer Mechatronics Engineering

Nabajeet Barman

Dr Nabajeet Barman

Adjunct Lecturer in Applied Computer Science

Sarah Barman

Professor Sarah Barman

Professor of Computer Vision

Dr Peter Barrington

School Head of Department

Johannes Boroh

Dr Johannes Boroh

Senior Lecturer in Aviation Studies

Michal Bosy

Dr Michal Bosy

Lecturer in Mathematics and Computing

Islam Choudhury

Dr Islam Choudhury

Associate professor

Dr Karen Clarke

Senior lecturer with Special Responsibility for Foundation Year students

Malcolm Claus

Dr Malcolm Claus

Senior Lecturer Astronautics and Space Technology

Tracey Coates

Dr Tracey Coates

Senior lecturer in Human Geography

Richard Cunningham

Mr Richard Cunningham

Lecturer in Digital Media

Dr Andy Curley

Senior lecturer

Odeh Dababneh

Dr Odeh Dababneh

Lecturer in Aerospace and Aviation Engineering

Doni Daniel

Dr Doni Daniel

Senior lecturer in Aircraft Structures and Materials

Jamshid Dehmeshki

Professor Jamshid Dehmeshki

Professor of Medical Image Computing and Image Analysis

Siaka Dembele

Dr Siaka Dembele

School Director Research & Enterprise

James Denholm-Price

Dr James Denholm-Price

Associate Dean Learning & Teaching

Dr Ted Donchev

Associate Professor

Stuart Downward

Dr Stuart Downward

AP Geography and Environment / LTEC-SEC-Canvas

Olga Duran

Dr Olga Duran

Senior lecturer

Alan Dykes

Dr Alan Dykes

Associate Professor in Engineering Geology

Dave Edmondson

Dr Dave Edmondson

Course Leader MSc Technology (Maritime Operations)

Professor Tim Ellis

Honorary Appointment - SEC

Gloria Ene

Dr Gloria Ene

Senior Lecturer in Quantity Surveying

Jarek Francik

Dr Jarek Francik

Senior Lecturer in Games Development and Design

Peter Garside

Dr Peter Garside

Head of Department - Associate Professor

Claudio Gaz

Dr Claudio Gaz

Lecturer in Mechatronics, Control and Autonomous Systems

Deepak GC

Dr Deepak GC

Senior Lecturer of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Constance Gnanasagaran

Constance Gnanasagaran

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Darrel Greenhill

Dr Darrel Greenhill

Head of Department / Associate Professor

Glenn Guneyli-Havelock

Dr Glenn Guneyli-Havelock

Lecturer in Climate Change

George Haritos

Professor George Haritos

Head of School of Engineering and the Environment

Hasan Haroglu

Dr Hasan Haroglu

School Head of Department

Ali Heidari

Dr Ali Heidari

Senior Lecturer - Admissions Recruitment & Outreach Tutor

Peter Hooda

Dr Peter Hooda

Associate professor

Dr Pei-Yuan Hsu

Lecturer in Built Environment

Phil Hudson

Mr Phil Hudson

Senior Lecturer

Dr Gordon Hunter

Senior lecturer in Mathematics and Computing

Ian Jarvis

Professor Ian Jarvis

Professor of Geochemistry

Pingfei Jiang

Dr Pingfei Jiang

Lecturer in Engineering Design and Manufacture

Beryl Jones

Dr Beryl Jones

Associate Professor

Dr Mark Jones

Senior lecturer

Mary Kelly

Dr Mary Kelly

Senior Lecturer/Course Director

Hsein Kew

Dr Hsein Kew

Associate professor

Professor Souheil Khaddaj

Professor of Computer Science

Esfandiar Khaleghi

Mr Esfandiar Khaleghi

Lecturer (HPL) in Mechanical Engineering

Payam Khazaeinejad

Dr Payam Khazaeinejad

Senior Lecturer in Solid Mechanics | SEE School Director for Postgraduate Research | Course Leader for Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Programmes

David Kidd

Dr David Kidd

Senior lecturer

Spiridon (Spiros) or Spyridon Koutsonas

Dr Spiridon (Spiros) or Spyridon Koutsonas

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Simon Lambe

Dr Simon Lambe

Senior Lecturer in Academic Skills Support

Dr Makayla Lewis

Lecturer in Computer Science (User Experience Design)

Xing Liang

Dr Xing Liang

Lecturer in Computer Science

Yujing Lin

Dr Yujing Lin

Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Sing Lo

Dr Sing Lo

Associate Professor

Andy Lung

Dr Andy Lung

Associate professor

Dimitrios Makris

Professor Dimitrios Makris

Professor in Computer Vision and Machine Learning; Faculty Director of PGR Studies

Maria Martini

Professor Maria Martini

Professor, Course Director (MSc Network and Data Communications, MSc Mobile Networks and Media Streaming)

Siti Diana Nabilah Mohd Nasir

Dr Siti Diana Nabilah Mohd Nasir

Lecturer in Built Environment

Siva Prasad Reddy Muppala

Dr Siva Prasad Reddy Muppala

Senior Lecturer in Thermofluids

Ifrah Mussa

Miss Ifrah Mussa

Lecturer in Aerodynamics

Jean-Christophe Nebel

Professor Jean-Christophe Nebel

School Director Research & Enterprise

Paul Neve

Mr Paul Neve

Senior lecturer

Oluwabukunmi Ogunsanya

Dr Oluwabukunmi Ogunsanya

Lecturer in Built Environment

Obinna Omego

Dr Obinna Omego

Lecturer in Cyber Security

Joshua Omer

Dr Joshua Omer

Senior lecturer in Civil Engineering

Dr Silvia Padula

Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Alex Penman

Mr Alex Penman

Degree Apprenticeship Skills Coach - Environmental Practitioner

Eckhard Pfluegel

Dr Eckhard Pfluegel

Associate Professor, CYENS Research Group Leader, Course Leader

Nada Philip

Dr Nada Philip

Associate Professor

Dr David Pickard

Coordinator, Cyber Security Centre

Christos Politis

Professor Christos Politis

Professor of Digital Technologies, Director of Research Centre

Konstantinos Poutos

Dr Konstantinos Poutos

Associate Dean (Faculty Director L&T)

Farzana Rahman

Dr Farzana Rahman

Lecturer in Data Science

Philip Richardson

Mr Philip Richardson

Snr. Lecturer Media Technology and Film

Dr Nasrollah Saebi

Senior lecturer in Statistics

Nader Saleh-Matter

Dr Nader Saleh-Matter

Course Leader (Undergraduate Civil and Infrastructure Eng. & Degree Apprenticeship Courses)

Peter Shaw

Dr Peter Shaw

Senior Lecturer in Astronautics

Purva Tavri

Dr Purva Tavri

Lecturer in Environmental Management

Alex Torku

Dr Alex Torku

Lecturer in Construction Management

Muhammad Arslan Usman

Dr Muhammad Arslan Usman

Lecturer in Computer Science

Dr Samireh Vahid

Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Diana-Nicoleta Vienescu

Dr Diana-Nicoleta Vienescu

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Nigel Walford

Professor Nigel Walford

Professor of Applied GIS

Martyn Paul Waller

Professor Martyn Paul Waller

Emeritus Professor in Biogeography

Professor Jian Wang

School Director Research & Enterprise

Penelope Wilson

Dr Penelope Wilson

Lecturer in Earth Sciences & Acting Course Leader for BSc Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management

Hu Yuan

Dr Hu Yuan

Lecturer in Cyber Security

Behrouz Zafari

Dr Behrouz Zafari

Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering and Construction Management

Tao Zhang

Professor Tao Zhang

Emeritus Professor of Materials Engineering

Yahya Zweiri

Dr Yahya Zweiri

Honorary Visiting Fellow, Associate Professor

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