Damian Chapman


As the Assistant Dean in the faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment (ECE) at Kingston University, I am responsible for overseeing the strategic leadership and development / implementation of the faculty's growth across our three remarkable schools: School of Computing, School of Engineering, and the School of Built Environment & Geography.

Having transitioned from the Head of School of Design and at Kingston over 5 years, I now facilitate leadership and a commitment to sustainable innovation applying a design approach in ECE, constructed through dynamic, inclusive and diverse management groups who share ideas. Value through applying creativity in course development thrives on mutual respect from all involved and co-constructing exciting live projects that engage industry, academic and student partnerships as central to our learning community. Facilitating innovation to rethink employability agendas, future skills and the design/implementation in prototyping collaborative STEAM events, with industry as partners in learning, are core systemic building blocks that have succeeded in creating great new opportunities for all participants.

Over the course of three decades, I work as a curriculum designer/consultant for UK and international HE institutions. In these I have co-designed and developed a broad range of UG and PGT courses that generate thinking through making and reflect the dynamic needs of our changing educational landscapes.

My research focuses on the application of design principles to inter-disciplinary learning models within the energy transition industry. Specifically, my research explores the intersection of cybernetics and organisational theory to develop systemic learning practices that accelerate innovation. Through this research I am learning to learn, work on, and facilitate the co-construction of insights to design strategies that expedite transformative knowledge exchange.

Academic responsibilities

Head of School


  • MA Print / Photomedia (CSM)
  • PGCE in Teaching and Learning in Art & Design (CLTAD - UAL) Distinction.
  • BA Print & Photomedia (CSM), 1st Class Hons

Teaching and learning

Qualifications and expertise

  • PGCE in Teaching and Learning in Art & Design (CLTAD - UAL) Distinction.
  • Fellow: Higher Education Academy


• RSD12 Kingston (2023) symposium Co-lead: Chapman, D., Brujic-Okretic, V., Systemic Design Association – Tensions Between Protection and Radical Change. Symposium: https://rsdsymposium.org/rsd12-kingston-uk/

• Research presentation (2023) Chapman, D., Doyle, K., Machado, P. McLeish TJ. Prototyping Conversation: Observing a cybernetic process of describing wicked challenges. RSD12.

• Research presentation: (2023) Chapman, D., Making Sense #NewMacy.

• RSD11 Research presentation (2022) Chapman, D., Doyle, K., McLeish TJ. Prototyping Conversations. #NewMacy - Relating Systems thinking and design Systemic Design Association Symposium (https://doi.org/10.21428/0e270dcf.279fda6b).

• Research presentation: (2022) Chapman, D., A design framework to enable better understanding of human factors in complex data streams in the Energy industry's transition RCA: School of Design Student Research Symposium

• Research development Chair: (2021) ‘A Question of HE: The future of digital technology in higher education' School of Design, Kingston University: D Chapman, Dr Aybige Yilmaz, Clare Conway, Professor Sara de Freitas & Dr Tony Reeves

• Conference paper: Chapman, D., Wang, S., (2020) Individual 'Trace' in Knowledge Space A novel design approach for human-systems interaction IHIET-AI 2020 ISBN: ISBN 978-3-030-44267-5 (Springer).

• Conference paper: Chapman, D., Wang, S., (2019) 'Trace: A Crucial Data Visualisation Method in Intelligent Manufacturing' INAIT 2019

• Conference paper: Phipps, L., Allen, R., Hartland, D., Chapman, D., Whitton, N., Thomson, S., Bryant, P., Hussein, A., Rowett, S., Scott, A.-M., Krohn, A., (2018) 'Next generation [digital] learning environments present and future' (Chapter by D. Chapman). JISC Rep.

• Conference paper: Watt, C., Chapman, D., Misbah, W. (2013) Leveraging the fuzzy front end: Encouraging radical innovation: 7th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices at Chiba University. Japan

Areas of specialism

  • Systems design
  • Innovation
  • Learning design
  • Communication design
  • User Experience design