Damian Chapman


I joined Kingston University in 2018 as Head of School for the School of Design in the faculty of KSA. I lead the celebrated portfolio of innovative and highly creative departments in Fashion, Graphic Communication design, Illustration Animation and 3D Design.

With an MA from Central St Martins UAL and currently pursuing a doctorate at the RCA in design, I have a lifelong ambition and dedication to education's ability to greatly improve people's lives and their potential for learning.

As a design professional and having built and worked-on a large number of international campaigns for advertising, design, and interaction projects spanning 20+ years, I have developed the potential for cross-functional knowledge sharing to challenge siloed communities and to facilitate inductive approaches to organisational learning. Cybernetic thinking applied as a basis for a constructionist methodology informs the development of circularity by observing cause and effect through participant insights and feedback mechanisms. These design elements have been applied to fashion imagery, still-life works, drinks and brand focused FMCG campaigns, and the running of photographic/design/engineering projects with a broad range of illustrious international design agencies. Integrating these skill-sets and knowledge into the faculty of KSA has helped grow our school, and reputation in industry, with close relationships supporting colleagues across national and international boundaries.

Our school's UG and PG courses are leading sector league tables, with the continued innovation at Kingston University, together we help facilitate an excellent student experience, KEF and research culture in our fields. Kingston students are at the very forefront of the design industries, and through building on the innovative and socially responsible work here in the Design School, we emphasise our need to nurture and celebrate innovation and creativity as key value drivers for building a fair, inclusive and diverse society.

Academic responsibilities

Head of School


  • MA Fine Art: Print / Photomedia (CSM)
  • PGCE in Teaching and Learning in Art & Design (CLTAD - UAL) Distinction.
  • BA Fine Art: Printmaking & Photomedia (CSM), 1st Class Hons

Teaching and learning

Qualifications and expertise

  • PGCE in Teaching and Learning in Art & Design (CLTAD - UAL) Distinction.
  • Fellow: Higher Education Academy

Postgraduate courses taught


    • Conference paper: Chapman, D., Wang, S., (2020) Individual 'Trace' in Knowledge Space A novel design approach for human-systems interaction IHIET-AI 2020 ISBN: ISBN 978-3-030-44267-5 (Springer).
    • Research presentation: Chapman, D., (2020) 'Emergent knowledge space from a design perspective' Royal College of Art, School of Design 2020 Student Research symposium.
    • Conference paper: Chapman, D., Wang, S., (2019) 'Trace: A Crucial Data Visualisation Method in Intelligent Manufacturing' INAIT 2019
    • Research presentation: Chapman, D. (2018) 'Disruptive approaches in learning UX' Festival of Learning, University of West London
    • Research presentation: Chapman, D. (2018) 'Individual trace in the knowledge space' Royal College of Art, School of Design - Student Research symposium
    • Conference paper: Phipps, L., Allen, R., Hartland, D., Chapman, D., Whitton, N., Thomson, S., Bryant, P., Hussein, A., Rowett, S., Scott, A.-M., Krohn, A., (2018) 'Next generation [digital] learning environments present and future' (Chapter by D. Chapman). JISC Rep.
    • Research presentation: Chapman, D. (2017) RCA School of Design 'Trans-site research cluster symposium: CVT methodology in online learning design' Royal College of Art
    • Research presentation: Chapman, D. (2017) 'Factors that hinder and enhance learning within online and digital contexts from a design driven perspective.' Royal College of Art, MA GID lecture programme.
    • Research presentation: Chapman, D., Owen, M. (2016)'User-driven Design Strategies' London School of Film, Media and Design Research and Doctoral Symposium. University of West London - Key terms: Fuzzy front end, User-driven design, Innovation, Iterative cycle.
    • Research presentation: Chapman, D. (2015) Translating Medical Intervention via a cloud-based design framework: Research presentation at the Ealing School of Art, Design & Media Symposium: Key terms: Coping intervention, Design thinking, Innovation, Wayfinding graphics, Cloud-based framework.
    • Conference paper: Watt, C., Chapman, D., Misbah, W. (2013) Leveraging the fuzzy front end: Encouraging radical innovation: 7th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices at Chiba University. Japan
    • Conference paper: Watt, C., Angelis, J., Chapman, D. (2012) Customer value and lean operations in Masters education; The International conference on Engineering and Product Design Education Artesis University College - Belgium.
    • Research presentation: Derksen, U., Chapman, D. (2012) An Enterprise Intervention in Arts Education - the Creative Challenge; The European League of Institutes of the Arts: Teachers' Academy Porto, Portugal
    • Research presentation: Chapman, D. (2012) Added Value Informing Employability and Entrepreneurship Through PDP Research in the Creative Industries, UCA Learning & Teaching Conference, British Library UK
    • Conference paper: Watt. C., Ely, P., Chapman, D. (2011) A Service Approach To Course Development. The International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, City University, London

Areas of specialism

  • Interaction design
  • Design innovation
  • Communication design