Dr Yanyi Sun


As an expert in sustainable building technologies, building physics and energy efficiency, renewable energy and building performance, I am dedicated to integrating zero-carbon solutions into real-world scenarios.

In the field of academic research, I have dedicated myself to exploring and expanding our understanding of zero-carbon and energy-efficient technologies. My research has contributed significantly to advancements in solar energy utilization and optimizing building daylight performance, areas that are critical to the future of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. My involvement in numerous projects, under the auspices of prestigious funding bodies like the EPSRC and Innovate UK has allowed me to push the boundaries of what's possible in zero-carbon and sustainable building practices. In addition, I have been an active contributor to the academic community through my publications. My work has been recognized and cited in a range of high-impact scientific journals and international conferences, reflecting the relevance and impact of my research. Furthermore, my involvement in the editorial aspects of academic publishing and my advisory roles in the industry have allowed me to broaden my impact, influencing both current research directions and future technological developments.

In my capacity as a lecturer in construction management, I bring the latest research insights to the classroom. This allows me to effectively bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and their real-world applications, essential in steering the construction industry towards a zero-carbon future. This synergy between research and teaching has been a cornerstone of my academic approach, ensuring that the knowledge I impart is both current and highly relevant to the evolving needs of the construction industry.

Committed to advancing sustainable building technologies, I focus on preparing a new generation of construction professionals for sustainable practices. My goal is to contribute to the development of a responsible and environmentally conscious future in the construction industry.

Academic responsibilities



  • PhD Sustainable Energy Technology
  • MSc Sustainable Building Technologies
  • Bachler of Architecture

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


My research centers on Sustainable Building Technologies, Building Physics and Energy Efficiency, with a special emphasis on Solar Energy, Smart Façade and Building Daylight Performance. I have significantly contributed to five major research projects, funded by EPSRC, Innovate UK, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, driving advancements in sustainable building practices. With 43 peer-reviewed papers and a book chapter to my credit, achieving an overall citation count of 905 and an H-index of 17, my work not only contributes to academic discourse but also influences real-world sustainable solutions in building technologies.

Areas of specialism

  • Sustainable Building Technologies
  • Building Physics and Energy Efficiency
  • Building Performance and Simulation
  • Smart Façade
  • Solar Energy

Scholarly affiliations

  • Editorial Board Member of Journal of Building Design and Environment (2022-present)
  • Guest Editor of Buildings (impact factor 3.8) (2023)
  • Guest Editor of Energies (impact factor: 3.25) (2018)
  • Conference committee member of International Conference of ZCBE (2023)
  • Conference committee member of International SOLARIS Conference (2018)