Dr David Kidd


I am Course Director on the MSc in Geographical Information Systems and Science programme in which I lead modules GG7100 Data Modelling and Analysis and GG7404 Spatial Data and the WWW. I also lead the first-year module Digital Earth and Spatial Analysis (GG4020) and teach Land Use Change in the second-year module GG5020 Principles of Ecology.

My research focuses on how we can map, visualize and model spatio-temporal patterns of micro- and macro-evolution and I am also interested in how Web GIS and mobile mapping applications can be used to integrate and present scientific information to a wide variety of stakeholders.

Academic responsibilities

Senior lecturer


  • PhD Applications of Geographical Information Systems to Phylogeography , University of St. Andrews, 2005.
  • MSc Geographical Information Systems, UNIGIS University of Huddersfield, 1998.
  • PG Diploma Environmental Impact Assessment, University of Aberystwyth, 1990.
  • BSc (Hons) Plant and Environmental Biology, University of St. Andrews, 1989.

Teaching and learning


My research is concerned with the application of geographical information systems in evolutionary, ecological and environmental science with an emphasis on data integration and visualization. I write and maintain the Geophylobuilder for ArcGIS add-on that georeferences evolutionary trees for display on a map or as a 3D space-time visualisation. A collaboration with Dr. Constantino Macias-Garcia at UNAM, Mexico City, is using this software with environmental and geological data to understand how the Goodeide family of Mexican fish evolved over the last 15 million years with the rise of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. I am also working with the South East Rivers Trust on developing a web mapping portal for the Hogsmill River that flows through the Penrhyn Road Campus.


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