Dr Julian Mason


My areas of expertise are primarily analogue/digital electronics, microcontrollers, interfacing and software. Indeed for the latter I was reminded by an external colleague that over the years I have programmed in just about every software language, including assembly language, Lingo, ActionScript and many more. 

Currently I am the  Erasmus Coordinator for the department of Mechanical Engineering, along with being the Academic Liaison officer for ESOFT in Colombo Sri Lanka, looking after three top-up degrees. 

I have been involved in consultancy work for a number of external companies in the US and UK providing bespoke software and technical solutions. I spent many years creating scripted animations for industry and was fortunate enough to have one shown on the BBC demonstrating the operation of a bioreactor for growing blood vessels. 

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer


  • BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics, Microelectronics and Computing
  • PhD 'Guided-Wave Optical & Hybrid Sensor Systems'