Dr Mark Jones


I was educated at University College London where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I then moved to the University of Bath where I wrote my doctoral thesis entitled 'The Bifurcation and Secondary Bifurcation of Capillary-Gravity waves in the presence of symmetry' under the supervision of Professor JF Toland FRS. I then moved to the Queens University of Belfast and subsequently joined Kingston in 2000.

Academic responsibilities

Senior lecturer


  • BSc
  • PhD


My research is mostly concerned with  the mathematical study of water waves. My early research work was quite pure mathematical in nature, consisting of a study of the waves which may bifurcate from the line of trivial solutions when the solution space of the underlying linearized model equation is two dimensional.  I have returned to aspect of this problem throughout my career, generalising it to  interfacial waves.

The other strand of my research involves a study of the stability of these waves. I have employed the method of multiple scales to show how they may be modelled by a pair of coupled nonlinear partial differential equations  for the wave amplitudes. These equations can then be used to determine the stability properties of the waves.


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