Dr Peter Garside


Dr Peter Garside has over twenty years of experience working in the field of urban and regional development, providing economic assessments and evaluations for a wide range of public and private sector institutions. Projects include: a national scoping study of Community Land Auction Pilots, a review of the National Land Use Database and a national study on Back GardenDevelopment for DCLG. He recently completed a London wide study into affordable housing which provided material evidence for all boroughs to challenge national planning guidance and a national study for the AHRC detailing regional creative sector networks throughout England. In addition, he has worked for a range of government departments, development agencies and the European Commission in order to understand the barriers to employment faced by underrepresented groups and to development interventions to overcome them. Currently, he is Associate Professor at Kingston University and  Head of Department of Geography, Geology and the Environment.

Academic responsibilities

Head of Department - Associate Professor


  • Phd Human capital and urban regeneration - Liverpool University
  • BA Hons Degree Geography - University of Wales - Lampeter
  • FHEA
  • Prince Practitioner and Foundation

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught


Research student supervision