Miss Zoe Almazan Guerrero

Research project: Mexico City: The Development of a Climate-Resilient City Using Smart City Technology


The purpose of this investigation is to find ways for Mexico City to prepare for and recover from natural disasters by using digital technologies. This entails an analysis of the city on three different scales: digital, urban, and industrial. The digital scale focuses on the networks of communication and supply, and the application of artificial intelligence in urban planning, such as data analytics, machine learning and deep learning. The goal is to provide a safety programme in case of a natural disaster by using digital technology and sustainability as the main components in governmental urban planning. The urban scale focuses on preparing for a natural disaster by designing digital infrastructure that can reduce response time in case of an evacuation, developing new traffic flows, and designing emergency public transportation systems and smart roads in case of a major impact. The industrial scale focuses on the creation of the urban equipment that will be necessary after a natural disaster. It entails the design of land use and transportation that will be required in case sections of the city have critical areas without water, food, or electricity, the priority being to keep people safe while re-constructing buildings and roads that are damaged and recording general high-risk zones.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Mexico City: The Development of a Climate-Resilient City Using Smart City Technology
  • Research supervisors:


I am a Lecturer in Building Surveying and a module leader for CE6110 and CE7202 at Kingston University. Prior to joining Kingston in 2020, I have over 14 years of experience in Construction, Architecture and Building Surveying.

I am a qualified architect. Professional Certificate Number: 5486953. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from the School of Architecture at the Universidad de las Americas-Puebla. I earned my Masters in Conservation of Historical Buildings (MA) degree at the Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Mexico, and worked in collaboration with the local authorities for the surveying of historical buildings after a natural disaster. I also hold a research degree in Earthquake Simulations and Building Pathology.

I am an Active Member of ICOMOS-UNESCO International Council on Monuments and Sites. I am Vice President of a Construction Company for Sustainable Technologies in Mexico. I am currently the KTP Champion for the Department of Civil Engineering, Surveying and Construction Management.

Areas of research interest

  • Building technologies
  • Building surveying
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Conservation of historical buildings
  • Sustainable construction
  • Digital technologies


  • 2020: KTP Champion
  • 2020: FHEA
  • 2020: Member of ICOMOS-UK (still active)
  • 2012: Member of ICOMOS Mexico (still active)
  • 2011: MA (Hons) in Conservation of Historical Buildings
  • 2007-2020: Research/Project Manager
  • 2007-2020: Building Surveyor

Funding or awards received

  • MArch first-class honours degree
  • BArch Magna Cum Laude