Dr Penelope Wilson



Module Leader: GG4050 Global Geology: Processes & Hazards; GG5090 Structural Geology and Field Techniques; GG5170 Geophysical & Atmospheric Hazards; GG6130 Disaster Management.

I currently also teach on GG5060 From Core to Crust, GG6410 Research Project & Contemporary Issues, and GG7005 Natural Hazards: Science & Society.

Previous Module Leaderships include: GG5400 Design & Management of Projects (with Statistics); GG5405 Design & Management of Projects (with GIS); and GG6050 Applied Geoscience.

I also have experience teaching on GG4030 Understanding the Earth and Environment, GG5030 Geomorphology & Sedimentary Environments, and GG5080 Earth Resources.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences & Course Leader - BSc Environmental Science programme


  • MSci (Hons) Geological Sciences (First Class), Durham University, UK
  • PhD, Kingston University London, UK
  • Fellow of the Geological Society of London


I am a multidisciplinary geoscientist specialising in structural, igneous and field geology. My PhD focused on the direct linking of host rock deformation structures to the emplacement, morphology and accommodation of shallow level igneous intrusions in the Henry Mountains, Utah. My research involved the integration of multiple extended field seasons in SE Utah alongside detailed microstructural analysis of intrusion and host rock structures (inc. SEM analysis), quantitative fault and fracture studies, and construction of detailed 3D framework models (GIS and 3D visualisation). 

Current research themes include:

  • Deformation structures associated with magma emplacement
  • Fracture analysis and fluid flow around igneous intrusions
  • Textural and crystal size distribution (CSD) studies: implications of magma ascent in the shallow crust
  • Shear zone microstructures

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