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I am the interim Associate Dean for the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, in which capacity I am responsible for bringing together and driving the overall management and development of Faculty academic activity related to taught courses and oversight of student experience and student support agendas for the Faculty. This means I have oversight of and responsibility for: quality assurance; continuous improvement and quality enhancement; learning, teaching and assessment; admissions and widening participation activities; welcome/induction and re-induction; accreditations; and ensuring that the Faculty adheres to University and academic regulations. At the same time I am also a member of the Politics department, contributing to a number of modules on the undergraduate Global Politics and International Relations programme, specialising in political theory, the politics of identity, radical right wing populism, French political thought in general, and French fascism, liberal socialism, and socialism in particular.

Academic responsibilities

Associate Dean Learning & Teaching


  • BA(Hons) French & Politics, Kingston Polytechnic
  • MA Ideology and Discourse Analysis, University of Essex
  • PhD in Government, University of Essex

Teaching and learning


My research is largely on various political ideologies, analysing the political impact of ideologies as diverse as New Labour, Italian liberal socialism, French fascism,  both historic and contemporary, and radical environmentalism. There are two main foci for my current research. The first concerns the evolution of French liberal socialism from 1830 to the present; the second is on French radical right wing populism, with a particular focus on the Front National. Recent papers produced on these are:

S. Bastow (2018), 'Front national under Marine Le Pen: a mainstream political party?', French Politics, Volume 16, Issue 1

S. Bastow (forthcoming), ‘The Discourse of 19th Century French Liberal Socialism', Journal of Political Ideologies


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Book Section

Bastow, Steve (2002) Ideology and social movements: the case of the FN. In: Finlayson, Alan and Valentine, Jeremy, (eds.) Post-structuralism and politics: an introduction. Edinburgh, UK : Edinburgh University Press. pp. 83-96. ISBN 0748612963

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