Academic staff in the School of Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences

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Katherine Appleford

Dr Katherine Appleford

Senior lecturer in Sociology

Elisa Back

Dr Elisa Back

Associate Professor

Steven Bastow

Dr Steven Bastow

Associate Dean Learning & Teaching

Dr Damian Bielicki

Senior Lecturer in Law

Stephen Bowen

Stephen Bowen

Senior Lecturer

Josh Bullock

Dr Josh Bullock

Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology

Simona Cantarella

Dr Simona Cantarella

Lecturer in Business Psychology

Gavin Capps

Dr Gavin Capps

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Elisabeth Carter

Dr Elisabeth Carter

Associate Professor

Simon Choat

Dr Simon Choat

School Head of Department

Homagni Choudhury

Professor Homagni Choudhury

Honorary Affiliate (Faculty of Business and Social Sciences) - Visiting Academic

Radu Cinpoes

Dr Radu Cinpoes

School Head of Department

Dr Katharine Clifford

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Dr Leonardo Cohen

Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology

Lisa Collingwood

Dr Lisa Collingwood

Senior Lecturer, Level 6 Year tutor and Admissions tutor for the Law Department and interim Erasmus/ Study abroad co-ordinator for the School of Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences

Sylvia Collins-Mayo

Professor Sylvia Collins-Mayo

School Head of Department

Adrian Coyle

Professor Adrian Coyle

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Francis Dodsworth

Dr Francis Dodsworth

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Bill Dunn

Professor Bill Dunn

Professor of Economics

Tolulope Eboka

Dr Tolulope Eboka

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Dr Aiman El Asam

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Shaikh Eskander

Dr Shaikh Eskander

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Ilaria Favretto

Professor Ilaria Favretto

Professor of Contemporary European History

Fatima Maria Felisberti

Dr Fatima Maria Felisberti

Associate professor in Neurocognition & Aesthetics

Peter Finn

Dr Peter Finn

Senior Lecturer

Giulia Galli

Dr Giulia Galli

Associate Professor

Laura Garius

Dr Laura Garius

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Kristin Hanson

Dr Kristin Hanson

Lecturer in Social Psychology and Research Methods

Chris Hewer

Dr Chris Hewer

Senior Lecturer in Social and Political Psychology

Andy Higginbottom

Dr Andy Higginbottom

Associate Professor

Stone Hsieh

Dr Stone Hsieh

Lecturer in Biological Psychology

Joanna Jamel

Dr Joanna Jamel

Senior Lecturer in Criminology & Programme Director for MA Criminology & MA Criminology with Forensic Psychology,

Mr Dan Jasinski

Senior Lecturer in Law

Eric Jeanpierre

Mr Eric Jeanpierre

Undergraduate Course Leader, Senior Lecturer in Law, Employability and Competitions Lead

Dr Elena Lemonaki

Lecturer in Social Psychology

Maria Livanou

Dr Maria Livanou

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology & Course Leader BSc in Forensic Psychology

Sabira Mannan

Dr Sabira Mannan

School Head of Department

Rex A McKenzie

Dr Rex A McKenzie

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Kendra Meyer

Dr Kendra Meyer

Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Nevena Nancheva

Dr Nevena Nancheva

Senior Lecturer in Politics, International Relations and Human Rights

Ana Nikcevic

Professor Ana Nikcevic

Professor of Psychology and Mental Health

Nicole Nyamwiza

Ms Nicole Nyamwiza

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Javier Ortega

Professor Javier Ortega

Interim Dean & Professor of Economics

Louisa Pavey

Dr Louisa Pavey

Associate Professor

Kay Peggs

Professor Kay Peggs

Professor of Criminology and Sociology

Robin Pettitt

Dr Robin Pettitt

Senior Lecturer of Comparative Politics

Dr Ronald Ranta

Senior lecturer in politics and international relations

Egle Rindzeviciute

Dr Egle Rindzeviciute

Associate Professor of Criminology and Sociology

Ron Roberts

Dr Ron Roberts

Honorary Lecturer

Linda Ross

Dr Linda Ross

Research Fellow

Dogus Simsek

Dr Dogus Simsek

Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology

Claire-Michelle Smyth

Dr Claire-Michelle Smyth

Associate Professor of Law

Willem Spanjers

Dr Willem Spanjers

Principal Lecturer

Brandon Sparks

Dr Brandon Sparks

Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

James Tapp

Dr James Tapp

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Professor Philip Terry

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Dr Delphine Theobald

Associate Professor of Forensic Psychology

Michela Vecchi

Professor Michela Vecchi

Professor of Economics

Nora Shaileshkumar Vyas

Dr Nora Shaileshkumar Vyas

Associate Professor of Psychology

Mircea Zloteanu

Dr Mircea Zloteanu

Senior Lecturer Criminology and Investigative Psychology

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