Dr Jocelyn Kwok


I earned my PhD from the University of Hong Kong in 2022, where I specialised in Educational Psychology. My research interests are expansive, encompassing developmental psychology as well as clinical and behavioural research. My research expertise lies in children's literacy and cognitive development, as well as specific learning disorders in reading.

Academic responsibilities

Psychology Lab Technician


  • PhD in Educational Psychology, The University of Hong Kong
  • BScoSc (hons) in Psycholgy and Counselling, The University of Hong Kong



  • Kwok, J. C. Y., & Hsiao, J. (2022). The role of reading test strategy in reading comprehension: An eye-movement study. In Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (Vol. 44, No. 44).
  • Ho, C. S. H., Cheung, E. H. K., & Kwok, J. C. Y. (2020). The heterogeneity of reading-related difficulties in Chinese. Learning Disabilities-Neurological Bases, Clinical Features and Strategies of Intervention.
  • Ho, C. S. H., Zheng, M., McBride, C., Hsu, L. S. J., Waye, M. M., & Kwok, J. C. Y. (2017). Examining an extended simple view of reading in Chinese: The role of naming efficiency for reading comprehension. Contemporary Educational Psychology51, 293-302.

Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

UK HCPC registered practitioner Educational Psychologist since 2023.

HKPS DEP registered practitioner Educational Psychologist since 2022.