Dr Sabira Mannan


I joined Kingston University in 2010 from the Department for Clinical Neurosciences at Oxford University. Prior to that I worked full time for ten years at the Centre for Neuroscience at Imperial College London. I completed my PhD from Imperial College after studying at Southampton University and St Thomas's medical school.

I was the Head of the Department of Psychology between 2014 and 2024. I am currently module leader for the final year module Neuropsychology and Neuro-rehabilitation and the first year module Historical and Philosophical Concepts in Psychology.

My research is focussed on evaluating rehabilitation techniques for patients with visual disorders as a result of stroke. I am also interested in how we extract visual information from the world and in understanding the neural pathways involved in these processes.  More recent research has focussed on understanding the role of eye movements in decision making and working memory.

I have successfully supervised Doctoral students and am willing to supervise suitably qualified doctoral students in the areas of neuropsychology and cognitive science.

Academic responsibilities

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  • PhD Biophysics
  • BSc (Hons) Physics
  • PGCert HE

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Number of items: 28.


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Book Section

Mannan, S., Ruddock, K. and Wright, J. (1995) Eye movements and response times for the detection of line orientation during visual search. In: Findlay, J. , Walker, R. and Kentridge, R., (eds.) Eye movement research: mechanisms, processes and applications. Amsterdam : The Netherlands. pp. 337-348. (Studies in visual information processing, (6)) ISBN 9780444814739

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