Dr Aiman El Asam


I have joined Kingston University in February 2012 as part time lecturer before joining on a full time basis as a research fellow in psychology on September 2013. As a research fellow I worked with Professor Muthanna Samara on various research projects where I was tasked to manage/oversee research and research assistants in the UK and in Qatar.  Currently I am working as a lecturer in forensic psychology teaching/supervising both undergraduate and postgraduate students (Forensic Psychology and Criminology).

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology


  • BSc Psychology
  • MSc Applied Forensic Psychology
  • PhD Forensic Psychology

Teaching and learning


My research interests cover various topics within psychology. During my research as a PhD student in forensic psychology I studied children as eyewitnesses within the legal system; specifically the reliability of the "Cognitive Interview" as a forensic tool and its usefulness in extracting accurate information while reducing the misinformation effect (or suggestibility). During my research as a research fellow I developed interest in cyber-bullying, Problematic Internet Use (PIU) and psychopathology. Additionally, I am also interested in legal and cyber psychology ie. studying our understandings of current laws/legislation and how we apply them to our online interactions with others (eg. through social media). Furthermore, little is known about what qualifies as online criminal behaviour hence I am also interested in studying various criminal, risky or potentially risky online experiences/behaviour. Topics that interest me could come under the following categories: cognitive interviewing; online safety (e-safety) and mental health; cyber-bullying and psychopathology; psychology of cyber-crimes and risky online experiences; cyber-profiling; trauma and PTSD.


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Book Section

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