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Professor Javier Ortega

Professor of Economics


I received my PhD in Economics from DELTA (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris) in 1996. Among other positions, I have been Associate Professor at the Toulouse School of Economics (1998-2008) and then Senior Lecturer at City, University of London --and Head of the Economics Department in the period 2013-2017.

I joined Kingston University as Professor of Economics in January 2019. I am also a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Government (LSE), a Research Fellow at IZA and an External Research Fellow of CReAM.

I have taught a variety of courses including Labour Economics, Macro, Public Economics,Economics of the European Integration, and Economics of Identity, Culture and Language.

My main areas of research interest are Labour Economics and Political Economy. Currently, I am working on papers on the impact of immigration on natives, on nation-building through education and on political correctness.

Areas of specialism

  • Labour Economics
  • Political Economy


Hauk, E. and J. Ortega (2019) "Equilibrium Political Correctness".

Ortega, J. and G. Verdugo (2018) "Moving up or down? Immigration and the selection of blue-collar natives across occupations and locations". 2nd Revision resubmitted, Journal of Labor Economics.

Hauk, E. and J. Ortega (2018) "Schooling, Nation Building, and Industrialization". Revisions requested, Journal of Theoretical Politics.

Ortega, J. and G. Verdugo (2015) "Assimilation in Multilingual Cities" Journal of Population Economics 28 (3), 785-815.

Ortega, J. and G. Verdugo (2014) "The Impact of Immigration on the French Labor Market: Why so Different?". Labour Economics 29, 14-27.

Ortega, J. and L. Rioux (2010) "On the Extent of Re-entitlement Effects in Unemployment Compensation", Labour Economics 17 (2), 368-382

Ortega, J. and T. Tangerås (2008) "Unilingual vs Bilingual Education: a Political Economy Analysis", Journal of the European Economic Association, 6 (5), 1078-1108

Ortega, J. (2000) "Pareto-Improving Immigration in an Economy with Equilibrium Unemployment", Economic Journal 110 (460), 92-112 

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