Ms Amanda Latimer


Since 2011, I've taught modules on Latin American politics, human rights and social justice movements, and international relations with a focus on the global south, and been awarded two student-led learning and teaching awards.  I am a political anthropologist whose work focuses on transnational labour and social movements against neoliberal free trade and investment agreements, and current debates around underdevelopment and imperialism. My main interests are the ways in which working people (broadly defined) cut across lines of difference, nation and region to combat the race to the bottom facing working people everywhere, albeit in very particular, historically-grounded ways.  I am currently completing a doctorate at York University in Toronto, Canada.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer


  • BMus (minor in History), McGill University, Canada
  • BA in Anthropology (minor in Development Studies), McGill University, Canada
  • MA in Social Anthropology, York University, Canada
  • PhD candidate in Social Anthropology, York University, Canada (current)

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught