Dr Francis Dodsworth


I joined Kingston in September 2014 after ten years working at the Open University in the ERSC Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC), with a particular focus on urban studies and governmentality. Before that I studied the cultural history of crime and policing at the University of Manchester in the late 1990s during the era of the 'cultural turn', and this perspective continues to inform my research.

I have published in a range of fields from the material culture of religion and commerce, to urban exploration and improvement, but the bulk of my work focuses on the historical sociology of crime and policing.

My most recent book focuses on the history of security in modern Britain, particularly the gender dynamics of the politics of protection, from public policing to self-defence.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Criminology


  • PhD, University of Manchester
  • MA, University of Manchester
  • BA (Hons.) University of Wales, Lampeter

Teaching and learning

My principal teaching in the Department of Criminology, Politics and Sociology, is on the following modules:

CM4005 Social Order and Social Control

CM5006 Policing and Punishment

CM5011 Crime Prevention and Community Safety

CM6019 Risk and Crime

I also make occasional contributions to other modules and regularly supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations.

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


My research background is in historical criminology and criminal justice history. My research focuses on crime, policing and security in modern Britain with a particular focus on spatial justice and the ideology of protection.

Most recently I have explored the politics of protection within policing and security, focusing particularly on the gendered dimension of protection as a form of power. I relate this work to recent criminological work on 'security' and the 'new police science', as well as Foucauldian work on governmentality and Elias's concept of the 'civilising process', but the primary focus is on the the ways in which vulnerability and the power to protect have been configured in gendered terms. Methodologically this work is also informed by the linguistic approach of the cultural turn and cultural materialism. This work was recently published by Palgrave Macmillan as The Security Society: History, Patriarchy, Protection.

I am currently extending this into an exploration of emotion and identity in the fields of policing and security, particularly with regards to the agents and institutions of security. A particular point of engagement is the question of whether the late twentieth century saw a 'de-civilising process'.

I am currently co-supervisor of a number of PhD theses:

Aslam, Muhammad, ‘Exploring enhanced Understandings of Police Criminal Investigation on Cold Case Homicides in Pakistan Using Intelligence and Forensic Science' (2018, first supervisor, anticipated completion: imminent, early 2023)

Choudhury, Sharmi, ‘How school teachers in the UK conceptualise the Prevent duty and how they identify pupils who may be vulnerable to radicalisation'

Contreras Dordelly, Daniel, ‘Alternative currencies in comparative context: distinctive dynamics and the impact of mainstreaming on schemes in the UK, Mexico and Kenya'

Murfin, Russell, 'The impact and effectiveness of Manchester City's housing policy, 1945-79

Whitehead, Arthur, I. ‘Organised Crime in UK Sport

I am intertested in supervising further students in the fields of policing and security studies, cultural criminology and histories of crime and policing.

Areas of specialism

  • Policing
  • Security
  • Historical criminology
  • Cultural criminology
  • Governmentality

Scholarly affiliations

  • British Society of Criminology

Research student supervision


Number of items: 25.


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Book Section

Dodsworth, Francis (2022) From the ‘old’ to the ‘new’ : corruption and the police, c. 1750–1910. In: Cawood, Ian and Crook, Tom, (eds.) The many lives of corruption : the reform of public life in modern Britain c.1750-1950. Manchester, U.K. : Manchester University Press. pp. 54-74. ISBN 9781526150035

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Conference or Workshop Item

Aslam, M., Barker, J. and Dodsworth, F. (2021) Intelligence as a source of cold case homicide investigation : a cross national perspective. In: Hot Leads for Cold Cases, Spring Event 2021; 30 Apr 2021, Held online.

Scholarly Edition

Dodsworth, Francis [Editor] (2014) The 'idea' of policing. London, U.K. : Pickering and Chatto. (The making of the modern police, 1780-1914, 1(1)) ISBN 9781848933712

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Leadership and management

I am currently course leader for our BSc in Criminology and our BSc in Criminology & Forensic Psychology. I also contribute to our BSc Sociology programme and our BSc in Criminology & Sociology, so do get in touch with me about any of these programmes.

University responsibilities

  • Course leader for BSc Criminology
  • Course leader for BSc Criminology and Forensic Psychology