Professor Elvira Dominguez-Redondo


I started as Professor in International Law at Kingston in 2023, prior to which I held full time academic positions at Middlesex University (UK), University of Ulster (UK), Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland) and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain).

I spent two period working for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (Switzerland), and have held visiting positions at Columbia University (USA), University Alcalá de Henares (Spain) and Max Plank Institute (Germany). I was a member of the teaching staff for the 2023 Human Rights summer course at Oxford University (UK).

Over the past 25 years I have taught, researched and delivered conferences and training courses in Europe, the Americas and Asia. My teaching, research and engagement with governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental bodies is informed by transnational, interdisciplinary, multilingual and multifaceted professional experiences characterising my professional trajectory.

Academic responsibilities

Professor of Law


  • PhD, 2004 - Topic: United Nations Special Procedures of the Commission on Human Rights
  • MA, 1998 - Philosophy and Human Rights Law (2 years degree)
  • LLB, 1995 - Licenciatura en Derecho (4 years degree)
  • BA Business, 1996 - Diplomatura en Empresariales (3 years degree)
  • Fellow, UK Higher Education Authority, 2018

Teaching and learning

I have designed and taught over a dozen undergraduate and postgraduate modules at different academic institutions, specialising in international law and human rights. My teaching and learning experience, has included the design of curricular and extracurricular courses, leading teams for their delivery in different continents with different legal and pedagogical traditions.  The list of credit bearing modules I have led include: Public International Law, Human Rights in the UK, International Human Rights, International Commercial Arbitration, International Organisations and Dispute Resolution, Humanitarian Law, Consular and Diplomatic Law, Minority Rights and European Union Law. 

My experience of innovative courses is reflected in my key role in shaping and delivering LLMs specialised in human rights in five different Universities (Ulster, Middlesex, Irish Centre for Human rights, Alcalá de Henares and Carlos III).  In partnership with colleagues from Duhok University (Kurdistan), I co-designed the first LLM in Human Rights in Iraq. 

My experience of designing and delivering innovative courses is also reflected in the design and delivery of intensive short professional courses: UN politics and human rights (Irish Centre for Human Rights, 2013) and Crisis Confidence in Human Rights (Middlesex University, 2014). I have also delivered CPD courses at Matrix Chambers on women's rights with Professor Chinkin in 2014 and 2015. 

Qualifications and expertise

  • Public International Law, especially United Nations Institutions and Title to Territory
  • Minority Rights
  • International Human Rights Mechanisms at United Nations and Regional Level
  • Affirmative Action Measures
  • Relationship between Development, Security and Human Rights
  • Interplay between Politics, Human Rights and International Law

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


My publications contest key assumptions informing legal literature, as reflected in two Oxford University Press books: "Minority Rights in Asia" (with J Castellino) providing comparative insights on minority protection models beyond literature narrowly focused on national minorities; and "In Defense of Politicisation of Human Rights", corroborating my hypothesis that politicisation is beneficial to human rights agendas.

I was first in publishing a positive evaluation of the United Nations Universal Period Review (UPR) in 2018, debunking the presumption that inter-governmental, peer-review processes could not yield  improvements of human rights situations. These findings were published in the Chinese Journal of International Law, Canadian Yearbook of International Law (with E McMahon) and New Zealand Law Review. These papers led a shift in the scholarship on the UPR and renowned authors (Cowell, Schabas, Shah, Sivakumaran and Vengoechea) have since tested the hypothesis I left open, i.e., that UPR recommendations could trigger the emergence of customary law.

I co-edited two books (Routledge, 2020 and UNOESC, Brazil, 2017) that present collective research and knowledge transfer activities between academics and practitioners in Latin America, China, UK, European Union and India on affirmative action.

In other publications I explore barriers that contradict the complementarity between human rights, development and security, and emphasize the added value of rights-approaches to trade, aid and the Covid pandemic. Another strand of my research focuses on title to territory regarding "forgotten territories", such as Dokdo/Takeshima and Western Sahara, which also form key case studies alongside other live scenarios in my teaching of the discipline.

Qualifications and expertise

  • International Law
  • Minority Rights
  • International Human Rights mechanisms
  • Affirmative Actions
  • Relationship between Human Rights, Development and Security
  • Interplay between politics, human rights and international law

Areas of specialism

  • United Nations Institutions
  • Title to Territory
  • Minority Rights
  • International Organisations and Dispute Resolution
  • International Human Rights Mechanisms


Number of items: 56.


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Book Section

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Business, knowledge transfer and international

My knowledge transfer activities include capacity building for judges, parliamentarians, practitioners, civil society organisations and diplomats in Europe (e.g. participation in European-China Expert Dialogue over 5 years), Asia (e.g. capacity building with the Indian Supreme Court), the Americas (e.g. training of Ombudspersons with the Brazilian Institute of Human Rights). Within the UK I have trained staff members of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Venezuelan Parliamentarians on the rule of law (Westminster Foundation) and have addressed the House of Commons on Tibet and Mexico. 

Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

I have participated in transnational networks that included governmental bodies, international organisations, civil society and academic institutions, such as the Latin-American Network and the European-China Diplomatic and Expert Dialogue.

I have worked with over 50 academic institutions and maintain meaningful national and international partnerships with a wide range of non-governmental and governmental bodies that have contributed to generating research impact and reputational gains for the institutions I have worked for.

I have worked in different capacities with current and former UN Special Rapporteurs and members of UN human rights committees. I have nurtured strong relationships with several bodies linked to the system of protection of human rights, e.g. the Brazilian Institute of Human Rights, University of UNOESC and the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Protection of Human Rights.

My professional memberships include the Advisory Group of the think-tank Universal Rights Group, the Spanish Association of International Law and the Society of Legal Scholars.

As a member of the Universal Periodic Review Academic Network (UPRAN) since April 2022, I am part of a group of academics around the world sharing findings on our research on this mechanism.

Social media

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