Dr Giulia Galli


I am a cognitive neuroscientist at Kingston University working on the neural underpinnings of cognitive, affective and social processing. My main research interest is long-term memory, more specifically the temporal dynamics of memory formation and the factors that have a positive impact on memory (motivation, brain training, non-invasive brain stimulation). More recently I have developed an interest in social and affective neuroscience, with a specific focus on the neural correlates of political decisions. My work relies on neuroimaging, electrophysiological and non-invasive brain stimulation methods.

I got my PhD in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Florence, Italy. I have done post-doctoral work at University College London, University of California San Diego and University of Siena. I have been working at Kingston University since September 2014

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Conference or Workshop Item

Medvedeva, A., Saw, R., Fuggetta, G. and Galli, G. (2019) Temporal dynamics of memory formation in the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex investigated through rTMS. In: 3rd International Brain Stimulation Conference; 24-27 Feb 2019, Vancouver, Canada. (Unpublished)

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