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Dr Joanna Jamel

Senior Lecturer in Criminology


I lecture on Diversity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System (UG) and Investigative and Legal Processes in Forensic Psychology (PG). I specialise in studying marginalised, under-researched and underserved gender groups to identify issues and facilitate the improvement of needs-directed services. Particularly focusing on male rape, I have worked with the Metropolitan Police Service evaluating their response to this sex crime.  I am also internationally published on policing, male rape, and male sex work. I have also been consulted when male rape is addressed in the theatre, e.g., 'Finishing Touches' or documented on film. More recently, I have become interested in the discrimination experienced by trans people within the criminal justice system and have written about the impact of penal policies on incarcerated trans offenders. Another new interest of mine is transphobic hate crime which is the subject of my book which is unique in its field. 

Areas of specialism

  • Male rape victims and offenders
  • Male sex work
  • Media representation of male rape
  • Transphobic hate crime
  • Specialist police training
  • Penal polices affecting trans offenders
  • Rape victim resistance strategies


  • BA(Hons) Sociology with Applied Psychology, University College Cork.
  • MA Criminology, Keele University.
  • MSc. Investigative Psychology, University of Liverpool.
  • PhD Psychology: An Investigation of the Prevalence, Response to and Representation of Male Rape. University of Leicester.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Merit), Kingston University.

Professional membership

Male Sexual Violation Research Networking Group

GLA LGBT and Trans Stakeholder Groups

International Network for Hate Studies

Trustee for Survivors UK  2016-17 and remain affiliated with them.  


The following are examples of dissertation topics I have previously supervised: 

  • An examination of sex offender legislation: A critical analysis of Megan's Law and Sarah's Law. 
  • The personality development of rapists:  A comparative critical review of studies in South Africa and the United Kingdom.
  • Who is a more efficient lie-detector using non-verbal behavioural cues - The police or prison inmates: A critical review of the available literature. 

I am currently co-supervising Ben Colliver's PhD on 'A critical exploration of the "everyday" and "mundane" reality of transphobic hate crime'. 

Research student supervision


Number of items: 15.


Jamel, Joanna (2014) An exploration of rapists’ motivations as illustrated by their crime scene actions: is the gender of the victim an influential factor? Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, 11(3), pp. 276-298. ISSN (print) 1544-4759

Jamel, Joanna (2014) Do the print media provide a gender-biased representation of male rape victims? Internet Journal of Criminology, pp. 1-13. ISSN (online) 2045-6743

Jamel, Joanna (2011) An investigation of the incidence of client-perpetrated sexual violence against male sex workers. International Journal of Sexual Health, 23(1), pp. 63-78. ISSN (print) 1931-7611

Jamel, Joanna (2010) Researching the provision of service to rape victims by specially trained police officers: the influence of gender - an exploratory study. New Criminal Law Review, 13(4), pp. 688-709. ISSN (print) 1933-4192

Jamel, Joanna, Bull, Ray and Sheridan, Lorraine (2008) An investigation of the specialist police service provided to male rape survivors. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 10(4), pp. 486-508. ISSN (print) 1461-3557


Jamel, Joanna (2018) Transphobic hate crime. Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan. 115p. (Palgrave hate studies) ISBN 9783319578781

Book Section

Jamel, Joanna (2017) Transgender offenders within the prison estate : a comparative analysis of penal policy. In: King, Andrew , Santos, Ana Cristina and Crowhurst, Isabel, (eds.) Sexualities research : critical interjections, diverse methodologies and practical applications. London, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 167-181. (Routledge advances in critical diversities) ISBN 9781138851641

Conference or Workshop Item

Jamel, Joanna (2013) Praxis: the policing response to transphobic hate crime in London. In: ‘Sexuality in theory and practice’ Mid-term conference of the European Sociological Association Sexuality Research Network; 14 - 15 Jan 2013, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Jamel, Joanna (2012) Theoretical perspectives on the policing of transphobic hate crime in London. In: 68th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology: Thinking about context: challenges for crime and justice; 14 - 17 Nov 2012, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. (Unpublished)

Jamel, Joanna and King, Andrew (2011) Policing diversity and engendering the confidence of the Transgender community: an exploratory study. In: Eleventh International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations; 20-22 Jun 2011, Cape Town, South Africa.. (Unpublished)

Gaffney, Justin, Jamel, Joanna and Kowalski, Christopher (2010) Contemporary harm reduction & support service needs of male sex workers in the UK: the Sohoboyz Male Sex Worker Needs Assessment and Skills Development Programme. In: Harm reduction: the next generation; 25 - 29 Apr 2010, Liverpool, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Gafney, Justin and Jamel, Joanna (2009) Findings from male and trans sex worker on-line survey. In: UK Network of Sex Work Projects (UKNSWP) Annual Conference: Research, practice and funding: how to survive in the current climate; 22 Oct 2009, Manchester, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Jamel, Joanna, Bull, Ray and Sheridan, Lorraine (2009) An investigation of the prevalence of client-perpetrated sexual violence against male sex workers in the commercial male sex industry. In: 1st Global Conference - Good Sex, Bad Sex: Sex Crime, Law and Ethics; 4 - 6 May 2009, Budapest, Hungary. (Unpublished)

Jamel, Joanna, Bull, Ray and Sheridan, Lorraine (2008) Do the print media provide a gendered representation of rape? In: 18th Conference of the European Association of Psychology and Law; 02-05 Jul 2008, Maastricht, Netherlands. (Unpublished)

Jamel, Joanna, Bull, Ray and Sheridan, Lorraine (2007) Researching the provision of service by specially trained police officers to male rape victims: an exploratory study. In: 7th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology; 26 - 29 Sep 2007, Bologna, Italy.

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