Dr Joanna Jamel


I lecture on Diversity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System (UG) and Investigative and Legal Processes in Forensic Psychology (PG) and specialise in studying marginalised, under-researched and underserved gender groups to identify issues and facilitate the improvement of needs-directed services. Previously, I evaluated the Metropolitan Police Service's response to male victims of rape, and am internationally published on areas such as policing, male rape and male sex work. I have also consulted on the topic of male rape being addressed in theatre, e.g., 'Finishing Touches' and documented on film "One Taxi Ride". I have written about the discrimination experienced by trans people as a result of international penal policies. And, published the first book dedicated to the subject of hate crime which targets trans people entitled "Transphobic Hate Crime", on which I recently presented at the 28th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (UNODC) Vienna, Austria. 

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Criminology


  • BA(Hons) Sociology with Applied Psychology, University College Cork.
  • MA Criminology, Keele University.
  • MSc. Investigative Psychology, University of Liverpool.
  • PhD Psychology: An Investigation of the Prevalence, Response to and Representation of Male Rape. University of Leicester.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Distinction), Kingston University.

Teaching and learning


The following are examples of dissertation topics I have previously supervised: 

  • An examination of sex offender legislation: A critical analysis of Megan's Law and Sarah's Law. 
  • The personality development of rapists:  A comparative critical review of studies in South Africa and the United Kingdom.
  • Who is a more efficient lie-detector using non-verbal behavioural cues - The police or prison inmates: A critical review of the available literature. 

PhD Theses Supervised

  • A critical exploration of the "everyday" and "mundane" reality of transphobic hate crime'. 

Research student supervision


Social media