Ms Rebecca Burke


After completing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy I have gone on to enjoy over 24 years of building a successful career in project and programme management. Briefly coming back into academia to complete my MBA in 2007, I then went on to successfully climb the leadership ladder within a wide variety of businesses and public sector organisations, and since 2013 have been operating at Director-level in a number of telecommunications companies before setting up my own project management consultancy business in 2017. I was drawn back to academia in 2019 following my experience of pay inequity at work, which then prompted me to begin my PhD journey in understanding more about the impacts that this type of workplace trauma has on individuals and organisations. Whether through research and education, or through TV and media, alongside my new academic career as a Project Management Lecturer, I am committed to continuing to strive towards opening the ‘black box' of attitudes and behaviours that sustain the unequal treatment of women in the workplace, adopting both a qualitative and feminist approach to my research, which attempts to explain and understand women's lived-experiences. This unique research will allow for the emergence of new social and psychology theories that describe how pay inequity affects the lives and careers of women in today's society.  

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer


  • BA
  • MBA
  • MRes

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