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I am a senior lecturer in Film and Media & Communications. I teach on core Media & Communication modules at Level 4, Level 5 and Level 7. 


MD4001 - How Media Changed the World

MD5001 - Theories of Mass and New Culture

MD5005 - Identity and Difference

MD6001 - Media Research Project 

MD7003 - Freedom, censorship and subversion 

Academic responsibilities

Senior lecturer in Film and Media


  • PhD Film
  • MA Literature, Art and Culture (First Class)
  • PGCE (FE)
  • BSc 2.2 (Hons) Literature and the History of Ideas/History

Teaching and learning

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My work is interdisciplinary and in particular focuses in on identity politics and the representation of ethnicity, gender, sexuality and disability in cinema. I am currently completing a monograph on East Asian Gothic Cinema (Palgrave-McMillan: 2020). I am the co-editor of Korean Screen Cultures: Interrogating Cinema, TV, Music and Online Games with Dr Andrew David Jackson (Peter Lang: 2015) and the editor of Directory of World Cinema: South Korea (Intellect: 2013). I am writing a book on BTS and masculinity which should be out in 2020. I am a film critic for Asian Film Vault and Eastern Kicks and part of the Screening Sex global network. I am a member of the Association for Asian Studies and the International Gothic Association.

I am also the committee chair for a Global Interdisciplinary Conference Project on BTS which will launch with the conference next week, 4th and 5th January 2020.

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Number of items: 17.


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Book Section

Balmain, Colette (2021) Bangtan universe (BTS, 2017-Present) : South Korean transmedia universe. In: Bacon, Simon, (ed.) Transmedia cultures : a companion. Oxford, U.K. : Peter Lang Ltd. pp. 201-210. (Genre Fiction and Film Companions, (6)) ISBN 9781789971798

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Conference or Workshop Item

Balmain, Colette J. [Speaker] (2017) Ghosts and not ghouls in contemporary East Asian gothic cinema. In: Games, Gothic and Gore: Horror beyond Hollywood; 25th Jan 2017, Salford, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Balmain, Colette (2015) Through the eyes of a child : hybridity and morbidity in Jo Sung-hee's 'A werewolf boy'. In: Open graves, open minds : The company of wolves : Sociality, animality, and subjectivity in literary and cultural narratives - werewolves, shapeshifters, and feral humans; 03 - 05 Sep 2015, Hatfield, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Balmain, Colette [Compiler] (2017) Chills and thrills : South Korean horror cinema. Korean Film Nights 2017. .

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