Yoojin Kim

Research project: Film Preservation as Cultural Heritage: Applying Korean cinema for the curatorial expansion in art museums


My major topic and research interests concentrate on the interrelationship between Korean modern history, politics and cinema, and how filmic production has transnationally evolved in the form of sociocultural context engraving cultural memories. I firmly believe in the potential of Korean cinematic strategy which could be newly interpreted as curatorial practices in countries suffering from the loss of national history.

The cinematic trend with the opening tagline "based on a true story" is an outstanding marketing strategy in South Korean film industry. Korean cinema has become the "multiple voice" leading the audience engagement and reaction linking to cultural identity. Today's cinema in South Korea is a social tool stimulating and motivating the public for emotional identification. Hence, contemporary Korean cinema will be widely considered as a digital curation of national history behind the screen in terms of collective memories interacting with the public audience through virtual, immersive experiences. My main goal at this point in my academic career is to pursue my film research on the expansion of the curatorial field in art museums and gallery exhibitions as a means of collective process.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Film Preservation as Cultural Heritage: Applying Korean cinema for the curatorial expansion in art museums
  • Research supervisor: Dr Colette Balmain


My immense interest in arts and cultural studies is firmly based on my academic background when I received my BAs as a double major in Culture and Contents, and French Language and Literature from Ajou University, South Korea. I had been experiencing and working in different arts and cultural sectors in relations to film productions, cultural centres and foundation, and various festivals. These activities led me to choose my MA in Arts and Cultural Management from the department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries at King's College London. I wrote my MA dissertation on the influence of Talchum in contemporary Korean Cinema, which is nowadays highly considered as an important digital heritage in the country. The key elements in this MA writing concrete on my diverse working experiences shaped the very first idea in my PhD thesis.

Areas of research interest

  • Contemporary Korean Cinema
  • Film History and Preservation
  • Memory and Cultural Identity
  • Audience Engagement
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Museology
  • Digital Curation
  • Mass Media and Popular Culture
  • Sociology


  • MA Arts and Cultural Management, King's College London, University of London
  • BAs Culture and Contents & French Language and Literature, Ajou University