Dr Daniela Perazzo


I am a dance and performance scholar with a specialist interest in the intersections of the aesthetic and the political in interdisciplinary movement practices and experimental dramaturgical processes. I joined Kingston University London in 2014, having previously taught at the University of Surrey. I am Senior Lecturer in Dance and Postgraduate Research Coordinator for the Department of Performing Arts and the School of Arts. I teach undergraduate modules on choreographic analysis, dance theory, critical theory and research methodologies; I supervise interdisciplinary doctoral projects and coordinate the training and recruitment of PhD students across the Performing Arts and the School of Arts. I am Co-Chair of the KSA Athena Swan Steering Group and a member of the KSA EDI in Research subgroup.

I hold an MA (dist., AHRC-funded) in Performance and Culture from Goldsmiths College University of London (2003-2004). I received my PhD in Dance Studies from the University of Surrey, funded by a university scholarship (2004-2007). My first monograph, Jonathan Burrows: Towards a Minor Dance, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2019 in the "New World Choreographies" series. Other recent publications include articles in Dance Research JournalPerformance PhilosophyPerformance ResearchChoreographic Practices and Contemporary Theatre Review.

I am Co-Investigator on the AHRC-funded project "The Dancing Otherwise Network: Exploring Pluriversal Practices" (2023-25), which brings together dance makers, researchers, producers, educators and participants, alongside scholars from diverse fields such as the environmental humanities, social justice and critical race studies, to consider how a more just and more equitable pluriversal dance ecosystem might be envisioned, shaped by the co-existence and cross-fertilisation of divergent practices, voices and worldviews.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Dance; Postgraduate Research Coordinator for the Department of Performing Arts and the School of Arts; KSA Athena Swan Co-Chair


  • PhD Dance Studies, University of Surrey (University of Surrey scholarship), 2007
  • MA Performance and Culture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Goldsmiths College University of London (AHRC-funded; Distinction), 2004
  • Laurea in Lettere (BA Liberal Arts with Theatre Studies; 110/110 cum laude), University of Pavia, Italy, 2000
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught


Research areas:

My research revolves around the Deleuzoguattarian notion of ‘minor practice' and its articulation in current choreography; diffractive methodologies and Karen Barad's notion of entanglement; questions of subjectivity and community in current choreographic and dramaturgical processes; the ethical, po(i)etic and critical potentialities of experimental and collaborative dance practices.

Research supervision:

I am Postgraduate Research Coordinator for the Department of Performing Arts and the School of Arts. I welcome proposals for postgraduate research (including practice-based) in the following areas: dance and performance theory, performance philosophy, dance and new materialism, dance and politics, interdisciplinary performance practices, British and European experimental choreography.


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Perazzo Domm, D. (2012) ‘The "Struggle" of the Subject: Productive Ambiguity in Jonathan Burrows' Choreography', Choreographic Practices, 3: 99–117.

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Perazzo Domm, D. (2008) ‘Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion's Both Sitting Duet (2002): A Discursive Choreomusical Collaboration', in J. Lansdale (ed.), Decentring Dancing Texts, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan: 125–142.

Perazzo, D. (2005) ‘Gli oggetti poveri di Tadeusz Kantor', in A. Cascetta, L. Peja (eds.), La prova del Nove: Scritture per la scena e temi epocali nel secondo '900, Milan: Vita e Pensiero: 306–318.

Areas of specialism

  • dance and performance theory
  • performance philosophy
  • dance and new materialism
  • dance and politics
  • interdisciplinary performance and choreographic practices

Scholarly affiliations

  • Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA): Co-convenor of the Theatre, Performance and Philosophy working group (2018-2022)
  • Society for Dance Research: Executive Committee member (2018-2021)
  • Dance Studies Association: member
  • Performance Philosophy network: member

Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision


Number of items: 12.


Damian Martin, Diana, Perazzo, Daniela and Wakefield, Nik (2022) Unnamed autofictions, dissonant co-labouring : a preface. Performance Philosophy Journal, 7(2), pp. 16-21. ISSN (online) 2057-7176

Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2020) Diffracted temporalities : Trajal Harrell's other dance histories. Performance Research, 25(5), pp. 56-62. ISSN (print) 1352-8165

Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2019) Im/possible choreographies : diffractive processes and ethical entanglements in current British dance practices. Dance Research Journal, 51(3), pp. 66-83. ISSN (print) 0149-7677

Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2018) Crisis and the emotional body : Towards (another) freedom. Performance Philosophy Journal, 4(1), pp. 188-205. ISSN (online) 2057-7176

Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2017) The 'making' of movement and words : a po(i)etic reading of Charlotte Spencer's Walking Stories. Choreographic Practices, 8(1), pp. 111-130. ISSN (print) 2040-5669


Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2019) Jonathan Burrows : towards a minor dance. Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan. 232p. (New World Choreographies) ISBN 9783030276799

Book Section

Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2008) Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion’s Both Sitting Duet (2002): A Discursive Choreomusical Collaboration. In: Lansdale, Janet, (ed.) Decentring Dancing Texts: The Challenge of Interpreting Dances. Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 125-142. ISBN 9780230542594

Conference or Workshop Item

Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2018) Remembering, forgetting and contemporary dance’s re-imaginings of history. In: Dance in the Age of Forgetfulness; 18-20 Apr 2018, Egham, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Perazzo, Daniela (2017) Im/possible choreographies : dis/orientation, diffraction and/as dance's response to the contemporary moment. In: Dialogues on Dance, Philosophy, and Performance in the Contemporary Neoliberal Moment; 01 - 02 June 2017, Coventry, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2016) Layering and questioning : reconfigurations of minimalism in Jonathan Burrows' choreography. In: Minimalism : Location Aspect Moment; 14-15 Oct 2016, Winchester, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2016) Jonathan Burrows’ choreography : towards a Minor Dance. In: Deleuze + Art : Thresholds | Multiplicities | Potentialities; 08–10 Apr 2016, Dublin, Ireland. (Unpublished)

Perazzo Domm, Daniela (2015) Jonathan Burrows’ “out-of-a-suitcase” dances : or the affirmative power of reduction. In: Cut & Paste : Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity; 04-07 Jun 2015, Athens, Greece. (Unpublished)

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Leadership and management

My current roles are:

  • Postgraduate Research Coordinator for the Department of Performing Arts and the School of Arts
  • Co-Chair of the KSA Athena Swan Steering Group
  • Member of the KSA EDI in Research subgroup
  • Member of the AHRC/TECHNE Training Group

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