Ms Hyun Hwa Lee


I am a Korean lecturer at Kingston Language Scheme. I have taught Korean language and literature at various institutions, and my professional journey has been an ongoing dialogue where I not only instruct but also learn from my students.

In addition to my teaching role, since 2019, I have been creatively engaged as a scriptwriter for AI robot dolls named 'Hyodol.' These robotic companions are specially designed to assist older individuals living alone. Mimicking the affectionate presence of grandchildren, they greet the elderly, remind them about their medication, and engage them with questions to help prevent dementia. I have crafted hundreds of conversations and scripts to facilitate meaningful interactions between these unique robot dolls and the elderly, adding an innovative layer to my professional portfolio.

Academic responsibilities

HPL - Kingston Language Scheme


  • BA in Korean Language and Literature, Yonsei University, South Korea

Teaching and learning

Currently, I run Korean Level 1 course at Kingston Language Scheme.

In this course, I aim to guide students through the exciting journey of mastering the Korean language from Hangul alphabet, an experience that goes beyond mere linguistic learning. I help the students find out the rich Korean culture and gain insights into Korea. My teaching methodology emphasizes fun and meaningful engagement.