Ms Jane Webster


Jane is an illustrator, educator, and PhD researcher who coordinates and delivers the Level 6 study experience of Illustration Animation BA (Hons.) 

Her illustration work is commissioned nationally and globally. Jane's hand-drawn documentary illustration celebrates identity and experience and evokes a fresh visual sense of both geographic and personal places. Her illustration work is utilised across editorial design, advertising, branding, packaging, and pharma. Debutart Illustration Agency represents her.

Jane's PhD research project is focused on 'Birth Narratives -Can choice and confidence be promoted in the experience of birthing Mothers?'

An Illustration Animation practice-based enquiry.

The 'Birth Stories' project aims to explore and ask questions about how visual representation can provide time-critical communication. It will look at and test which forms are effective. What might be the obstacles to this? What part do linguistic/spoken languages relate to visual language?

As an educator, Jane promotes the importance of communicating social conscience and practical design. Her teaching and learning strategies develop how Level 6 students can link their academic and studio practice. The journey from student to graduate and the potential that the illustration animation and creative industry has to offer to each student—the student's contextualisation of their future in that landscape. 


Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer BA Illustration Animation. Level 6 Year Lead


  • MA
  • FHEA
  • Mental Health First Aid

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught