Dr Daniel Read


Daniel Read an Hourly Paid Lecturer at Kingston University. His research focuses on the fiction and philosophy of Iris Murdoch. He is an Editor of the Iris Murdoch Review for which he has also contributed essays and reports. He currently developing his thesis, ‘The Problem of Evil and the Fiction and Philosophy of Iris Murdoch' (2019), into a monograph.

Academic responsibilities

Hourly Paid Lecturer


  • PhD Kingston University
  • MA Kingston University
  • BA Kingston University

Teaching and learning

2022/3 Trauma and Justice (MA): Lecturer/Module Leader

2022/3 Professional Communication (BA): Lecturer

2022/3 Sex and the City (BA): Lecturer

2022/3 Radical Writers (BA): Lecturer

2022/3 Writing that Works (BA): Lecturer

2021/2 Trauma and Justice (MA): Lecturer

2021/2 Transforming Realities (BA): Lecturer

2021/2 Writing that Works (BA): Lecturer

2017/18 Great Books (BA): Lecturer

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught



  • ‘Iris Murdoch in the Media 2022', Iris Murdoch Review 13 (forthcoming 2022)
  • ‘The Pub in Iris Murdoch's Fiction', in Iris Murdoch's Beer Mats, ed. by Miles Leeson and Anne Rowe (London: Unbound, forthcoming [pending crowd funding])
  • ‘Evil and Violence: Murdoch's Ambiguous Moral Vision and her Engagement with the Writings of William Blake in The Philosopher's Pupil', Iris Murdoch Review, 11 (2020): 5-22
  • ‘Report on National Portrait Gallery Event on 19 July 2019, titled "Iris Murdoch's Relationship to Painting in Philosophy and in Life"', Iris Murdoch Review, 11 (2020): 82-3
  • ‘Review of Incest in Contemporary Literature, ed. by Miles Leeson', Iris Murdoch Review, 9 (2018): 62-3
  • ‘"Evolving a Style": Iris Murdoch and the Surrealist Moral Vision of Paul Nash', Iris Murdoch Review, 8 (2017): 29-37
  • Transcription of ‘Broadcast as part of the "Head to Head" Series: "Ideas of Freedom"', Iris Murdoch Review, 4 (2013): 18-22
  • ‘Report on the Sixth International Conference on Iris Murdoch at Kingston University, 2012', Iris Murdoch Review, 4 (2013): 67

Interests & Areas of Specialism

  • Iris Murdoch
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Psychopathy
  • William Blake
  • Twentieth-Century Fiction
  • Writing Skills