Mr Amir Saidani


I am a British-Moroccan graphic designer and educator, specialising in various aspects of design, including branding, typography, editorial, and motion design.

In 2017, I graduated with a degree in Communication Design from the Glasgow School of Art, and in 2021, I obtained a Master's degree in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art. Prior to transitioning into education, I gained five years of professional experience working for BBC Creative, where I developed a keen interest in the implementation and development of the BBC's brand architecture.

My design and research practices revolve around a central focus on the audience and their influence on design. This approach is shaped by my diverse range of experiences in both traditional and conceptual design realms, and it serves as a driving force in both aspects of my work.

Within my practice, I see myself as a curator, archivist, and facilitator. These elements overlap, interact, grow, and retract depending on the project, but utilising those lenses, I try to place a strong emphasis on empowering viewers to shape visual and narrative outcomes. I believe in granting them agency in informing the creative process, driven by their unique perspectives. This approach encompasses various factors such as but not limited to, politics, culture, and socio-economic influences.

These notions of curatorship, archiving, and facilitation extend into my pedagogical practice, creating inclusive spaces and experiences that unlock the unique perspectives, interests and processes of learners.

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer & Year Lead


  • BA (Hons) Communication Design, Glasgow School of Art
  • MA (RCA) Visual Communication, Royal College of Art

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught