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I am a senior lecturer in music at Kingston University London, and the current course leader for the BA Hons in Music Technology. In addition to lecturing, I also compose/perform/produce music, and am a technologist and musicologist. My research fascinations include the arts of record production, pop aesthetics and criticism, and exploring inclusive interdisciplinary approaches to creative practice.

I am a signed artist with London-based new music label Bigo & Twigetti, with whom I have released five albums since 2011. My media music is represented by Universal Publishing (UPPM) and I am currently working on my forthcoming monograph Blackstar Theory: David Bowie's Death Art (Bloomsbury, 2021). In 2017 I co-founded the Visconti Studio with music producer Tony Visconti. In 2019 I founded the Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra, the only ensemble of its kind in the world.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Music


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Practice) - University of Queensland, 2009-2014.
  • Post-Graduate Certificate of Education - University of Greenwich, 2008.
  • BMus(Hons) - University of Queensland, 1998-2002.
  • A.Mus.A (Associate Music Diploma (Australia)) - AMEB, 1997, Pianoforte, Distinction.

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


I am interested in interdisciplinary creative practice, music technologies, studio craft and any music research where the recording is treated as the primary text. I also enjoy creative practice research and exploring related ways of making music creation, education, and discourse inclusive and accessible to people from various backgrounds regardless of experience or privilege.

Research student supervision


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Book Section

Kardos, Leah (2017) The curious musician. In: Ruthmann, S. Alex and Mantie, Roger, (eds.) The Oxford handbook of technology and music education. Oxford, U.K. : Oxford University Press. pp. 317-322. (Oxford Handbooks) ISBN 9780199372133

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Kardos, Leah [Composer] and Alexander, Ariane [Instrumentalist] (2015) Waiting at Rosamond Rd. (MP3, Compilation, Stereo, 320 kbps). ambientblog.net.

Kardos, Leah [Composer] (2013) Three Preludes. (Music).

Kardos, Leah [Composer] (2013) Kick for String Orchestra. (String music).

Kardos, Leah [Composer] (2012) The Closeness of Distance. (Electronic music). Headphone Commute.

Conference or Workshop Item

Kardos, Leah (2015) PLANET BOWIE: Multiple creativities in practice. In: Pedagogy, Language, Arts & Culture in Education (PLACE) Group Seminars; 11 Nov 2015, Cambridge, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Kardos, Leah (2015) Can you hear me? Analysing the recurring sonic and musical gestures in David Bowie’s recorded works. In: The Stardom and Celebrity of David Bowie; 17-18 Jul 2015, Melbourne, Australia. (Unpublished)

Kardos, Leah (2015) You can’t hide beat : a collection of David Bowie cover versions created using samples from his own famous recordings. In: The Stardom and Celebrity of David Bowie; 17-18 Jul 2015, Melbourne, Australia. (Unpublished)

Kardos, Leah (2015) The sonic vernacular : considering communicative timbral gestures in modern music production. In: 138th Audio Engineering Society Convention; 07 - 10 May 2015, Warsaw, Poland.

Kardos, Leah (2014) Exploring the temporalities of a musical idea. In: Music and/as Process Conference; 31 May - 01 June 2014, Caterbury, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Kardos, Leah (2013) The invented identities and multiple creativities of David Bowie. In: Pedagogy, Language, Arts & Culture in Education (PLACE) Group Seminars; 08 Nov 2013, Cambridge, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Redmond, Sean [Artist] and Kardos, Leah [Composer] (2019) The unknown celebrity. The model citizen. .

Sound Recording

Kardos, Leah [Composer] (2017) Rococochet. (Music). London, U.K. : Bigo & Twigetti.

Kardos, Leah [Composer] (2013) Machines. (Electronic music). London, U.K. : Bigo & Twigetti.

Kardos, Leah [Composer] (2011) Feather Hammer. (Electronic music). London, U.K. : Bigo & Twigetti. Audio Recordings.


Kardos, Leah (2014) Folio of compositions and critical commentary. (PhD thesis), The University of Queensland, .

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