Mr Jason Dasent

Research project: Project Genisys


Project Genisys is a practice based research project to develop and build a prototype application to facilitate the operation of the tools used in recording studios using voice commands. This project aims to bring a new level of independence to disabled music producers and audio engineers, for example visually impaired practitioners as well as practitioners with other disabilities, such as wheelchair users. Project Genisys will also facilitate use by able-bodied practitioners by offering them an alternative method of operating in the studio using natural speech to control their tools instead of relying completely on the keyboard and mouse. 

  • Research degree: Practice-based PhD
  • Title of project: Project Genisys
  • Research supervisor: Dr Leah Kardos
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Gordon Hunter


I am a visually impaired music producer, audio engineer and accessibility consultant from Trinidad, now based in Sheffield, UK. I work in several areas of the music industry including production of artists, advertising, film and post-production. Being blind, accessible technology is very close to my heart and in this regard I work with several music equipment manufacturers to make their hardware and software accessible to visually impaired practitioners, as well as practitioners with other disabilities.I also teach music production and audio engineering to disabled as well as able-bodied students here in the UK and abroad. I also work with educational institutions to advise them on best practices for teaching visually impaired students and procuring equipment for their recording studios and music labs.

Areas of research interest

  • Accessibility
  • Music Production
  • Voice Control
  • Disability Studies


  • MA Popular Music and Music Business, British and Irish Modern Music Institute
  • Accessibility Consultant
  • Music Producer
  • Audio Engineer