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Kathy Kubicki

Senior Lecturer & Editor of Photography & Culture journal


I studied Diploma in Art History, and BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Postgraduate studies in 'Visual Culture' included art history, contemporary art, criticism, theory and French philosophy. I am Interested in the intersections of theory and practice. 

I previously lectured at Goldsmiths Department of Visual Cultures, University of Hertfordshire, UCA Farnham & Rochester, UAL - Central St Martins, Wimbledon, & LCC. Currently an External Examiner in critical theory at Goldsmiths

I've published many critical essays and research articles, related to art, photography, moving image, theory and practice, Interdisciplinary ideas. I am one of the founding Editors of the first UK based international academic journal on photography (2008) Photography & Culture (Routledge).

Collaborations include with Tate Modern and Photographer's Gallery, plus talks, conferences and workshops internationally. Academic links are with PARC LCC; Canterbury Christchurch University; York University Toronto, Canada; Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art: LA & Berlin.

Areas of specialism

  • Photography History & Theory
  • History of Art & Ideas
  • Post Structural Theory
  • Fine Art / Contemporary Art
  • Psychoanalysis & theoretical discourse
  • Moving Image
  • French Plilosophy


  • Diploma Art History, Birkbeck, University of London
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, Central St Martins, The London Institute (now UAL)
  • MA Visual Culture, Middlesex University


My writing and creative practice relates to research surrounding the history of art and photography, and the enigma of the printed and photographic image, and the relationship with photography, painting and drawing, written and visual experimentation. 

My research interests begin from reading and exploring Post Structural Theory, Philosophy, and Psychoanalysis. I aim to creatively link theory and practice. 

I have written on women artists and photographers, am interested in how the personal becomes political, and support the thinking around how best to reinstate the gaps in history of women artists, photographers, philosophers and creative thinkers. I have an interest in photographic archives, in what remains hidden.

I organised a series of recorded international events and seminars in collaboration with Tate Modern in 2013 & 14, related to photography and new ideas: 'Everyday & Everywhere: Vernacular Photography Today', 'Beyond the Frame: Experimentation and Photography', 'Performing Photographs: Photography, Performance and Affect'.


Number of items: 15.


Kubicki, Kathy (2017) Khadija Saye remembered by Kathy Kubicki tutor At UCA Farnham. Artlyst,

Kubicki, Kathy (2014) Ideas series : seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Photoworks,

Kubicki, Kathy (2012) The Archive : Kecskemeet : found images from Hungary. Photography & Culture, 5(2), pp. 219-229. ISSN (print) 1751-4517

Kubicki, Kathy (2010) Reinventing history : Warren Neidich, photography, re-enactment, and contemporary event culture. Visual Resources, 26(2), pp. 167-178. ISSN (print) 0197-3762

Kubicki, Kathy (2009) The Archive : Francis Bacon Archive, Tate Britain, London. Photography & Culture, 2(2), pp. 195-200. ISSN (print) 1751-4517

Book Section

Kubicki, Kathy (2015) The time someone pointed to the outside. In: Walsh, Maria and Throp, Mo, (eds.) Twenty years of MAKE magazine : back to the future of women's art. London, U.K. : I.B. Tauris. pp. 24-27. (International library of modern and contemporary art, no. 15) ISBN 9781780767581

Kubicki, Kathy (2014) The art of Fay Ballard. In: Ballard, Fay, (ed.) House Clearance : Fay Ballard. London, U.K.

Kubicki, Kathy (2012) The photographic practice of Karen Knorr. In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Karen Knorr. Madrid, Spain : La Fabrica. ISBN 9788415303664

Kubicki, Kathy (2005) Painting, abstraction and representation in the work of Daniel Sturgis. In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Abstract logic. Grasmere, U.K. : The Wordsworth Trust. pp. 8-17. ISBN 1870787994

Kubicki, Kathy (2003) Charlie Murphy. In: Murphy, Charlie, (ed.) Charlie Murphy : The art of tickling trout and other sensual pleasures. Sway, U.K. : Artsway. pp. 3-4. ISBN 0954393015

Kubicki, Kathy (2000) Art from Scandinavia. In: Shaul, Matthew, (ed.) Our friends from the North : contemporary art from Finland, Norway and Sweden. Hatfield, U.K. : University of Hertfordshire Galleries. pp. 7-20. ISBN 1898543534

Conference or Workshop Item

Kathy, Kubicki [Interviewer] and Ballard, Fay [Interviewee] (2014) Fay Ballard in conversation with Kathy Kubicki. In: Fay Ballard's House Clearance; 29 May 2014, London, U.K..

Kubicki, Kathy (2013) Vernacular photography as art. In: Vernacular photography as art; 30 Nov 2013, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Kubicki, Kathy (2013) Introduction to the Vernacular, and how contemporary photography and photographers are exploring this concept. In: Tate Modern Talk : Everyday and everywhere : vernacular photography today; 26 Nov 2013, London, U.K..

Sound Recording

Kubicki, Katherine [Interviewer] and Buren, Daniel [Interviewee] (2005) Daniel Buren. (Interview). (18 min.) (Audio Arts, no. 24 (2-3))

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