Miss Regina Atienza


I studied History of Art at Warwick University, and completed my MA in Social & Cultural History at Birkbeck College. Favourite subjects include Globalisation, Civil Society, the Making of Cities, Nationalism, and the Art of Exhibition as Display. 

Born in Manila and raised in London, I am a self-confessed multi-disciplinarian creative hybrid, who values being playful. I thrive on cultivating connections, and the courage to tackle 'wicked problems'. I apply my skills as a social engineer with visions for world optimisation. My professional experience covers working with various communications industries, tech clients, arts organizations, charities, startup companies, and corporate training. Have also served in the Philippines government under the Vice Chairman of the Climate Change Commission, directing disaster response & community resilience campaigns. 

Past projects include Tate Modern's Raw Canvas programme under the Education & Interpretation Department, Shoot Experience photography scavenger hunts, managing pervasive reality gaming experience StreetWars, being a trustee and mentor for youth aspirations agency Spark & Mettle, launching London's Next Day Better speaker series for diaspora communities, playing with edge-work cultural laboratory Sipat Lawin Inc. Karnabal Festival Komunidad X, and the recent production of Brexit strategy wargame Sufficient Progress for a law firm.

I love teaching the History & Context module, and invited students to participate in the curation of #HistorySuckers with me. Currently, I am playing with a newsletter called Holy Hand Grenades, am volunteering for Extinction Rebellion's Faith Bridge, and solve unique briefs from brave clients seeking a devil's advocate strategist.

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  • BA History of Art
  • MA Social & Cultural History
  • Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification
  • Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

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