Dr Sylvia Tzvetanova Yung


I have International cross-disciplinary experience in Industry and Design Education for the past 20 years. 

I'm an Associate Professor and previously I joined Kingston University as a Head of the 3D Design Department at the Design School with a portfolio of award-winning courses. I have validated and established MA in Interior Design.

I conduct research for the benefit of human well-being using sustainable practices combined with technology and AI. My expertise lies in the integration of design, human factors and technology. In my research, I've explored design and emotion and how this should impact on the design directions. I received Innovation Seedcorn Funding for my project Emotional Well Being Tracker, which involves collaboration with medical practitioners to build an AI system.

Prior to joining Kingston, I've worked internationally both in academia and industry as an interaction designer and as an educator. I've also edited numerous major international design research conferences and workshops - including DesignEd Asia, part of the Business of Design week Hong Kong (BODW), Design & Emotion conference 2008 and IASDR 2007.

Academic responsibilities

Associate Professor


  • PhD – School of Design The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • PGCHE Nottingham Trent University
  • SFHEA - Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching and learning


I'm currently working on a couple of research projects that resulted from my previous work:

Emotion Wellbeing Tracker device: this is a sensor device that measures the wearer emotions and acceleration in real time to diagnose any possible dangerous mood states.

I'm collecting and analysing design creative methods and tools in Design Schools. This research resulted from my previous work as an editor of DesignEd Asia, and looking at commonalties and differences of creative approaches within briefs.  


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Referred Conference Papers

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