Ms Rosa Rodriguez-Garrido


I joined Kingston University in January 2006 as a part-time language tutor, teaching Spanish language courses at all levels in the Kingston Language Scheme (KLS) Programme. Since 2012 I have been teaching in the Spanish minor degree programmes and became the Director of KLS managing and organising all language courses. Prior to teaching at HE level, I worked in the commercial sector in a managerial position, devising and implementing a training strategy in a global organisation. I also devised tailor-made Spanish language courses for employees to improve their language skills in the business environment.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Modern language lecturer and Kingston Language Scheme Director


  • Currently working towards PhD in Spanish and Latin American studies
  • MA in Spanish, Latin American and Portuguese cultural studies
  • PGCLTHE (PG Cert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education)
  • BA in Spanish and Latin American studies
  • Diploma teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELE)
  • PGCE in Post-compulsory Education
  • Advanced Certificate in Spanish and Latin American Studies


My areas of research lie in Spanish & Latin American Politics, foreign language acquisition and visual arts.

Visual arts: cinema and politics, how cinema generates meaning and foregrounds public engagement and political inquiry. Ways in which Spanish Cinema in the 21st century have explored and re-visited Francoism & Spanish Civil War.

Language and Media in contemporary Spain: how the language used in the Spanish mass media, in particular television, is influencing the day-to-day use of the language. Oral language acquisition through liaison interpreting.

The use of technology in language learning acquisition is of great interest, I am currently leading a project on a blended learning (part face-to-face and part online) for our Kingston Language Scheme modules.