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Austin Rhys Williams is course leader/senior lecturer, PG Dip Professional Practice in Architecture at Kingston School of Art; and honorary research fellow at XJTLU University in China.

I am the director of the Future Cities Project, and have written for a range of publications; from the Times Literary Supplement to Top Gear; from the London Property Review to The Economist. I have recently published "Five Critical Essays on Architectural Education".

My latest books are "China's Urban Revolution: Understanding Chinese Eco-cities" (Bloomsbury, 2017) and "New Chinese Architecture: Twenty Women Building the Future" (Thames & Hudson, 2019). My previous books include: "Enemies of Progress", "The Future of Community" and "The Lure of the City". I co-founded the mantownhuman manifesto (featured in Penguin Classics "100 Artists' Manifestos") and I run the Bookshop Barnies (interviews with contemporary non-fiction authors) as well as hosting the Professional Practice Podcasts.

Academic responsibilities

Course Leader


  • BSc (Hons)
  • Dip Arch
  • RIBA Part III
  • Member, Association of Professional Studies Advisers
  • Honorary Research Fellow, XJTLU university, Suzhou, China
  • Associate Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Teaching and learning


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Research student supervision


Number of items: 49.


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Book Section

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Moving Image/Broadcast

Williams, Austin [Producer] and Jiang, Hao [Film editor] (2017) Edge Town/Che Feng. (documentary film *Chinese & Englsih subtitles)).

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