Mrs Magali Churchill


I am a French lecturer for KLS (Kingston Language Scheme) and have years of experience teaching French to all abilities and ages including adult classes, conversational groups, colleges and schools as well as exam preparation.

I have two grammar and literature degrees from Rennes 2 Université in France. I have been living in the UK for over twenty years and have a real feel for how people perceive French language and France, this helps me greatly to know what captures my students interest in languages. I am keen to experiment with new teaching methods and am currently working on a grammar book as well as making the most of what social media has to offer.

Academic responsibilities

French Lecturer at Kingston Language Scheme


  • Bachelor of Arts (equivalent ‘Licence d'Anglais') in Translation, Civilisation, Literature and English Grammar - Université Rennes II, France - 1996
  • DEUG degree in English Civilisation (awarded after 2 years), Literature and Grammar Université Rennes II, France - 1994
  • A-levels (equivalent ‘Baccalauréat') in Languages (French, English, Spanish), Philosophy, Maths, Humanities, PE - Rennes, France - 1992
  • Level 3 in Education and Training - February 2021